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est living covers the best of architecture and interior design by scouring countries, emerging and established designers and their inspiration. Throughout the categories of design we see trends emerge and present them in our stories, libraries and social media highlights. Our vision is to show ‘exceptional living’. We explore this and its interaction with the latest design thinking across a spectrum of spaces from inner city to charming yet modern country references.

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My Space | Draga & Aurel

Italian husband-and-wife team Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow take est through their expressive, material-rich apartment in Como.

Home Tour | Island Ranch by Sophie Burke Design and Laura Killam Architecture

In Canada's Discovery Islands, Island Ranch by Sophie Burke Design and Laura Killam Architecture embodies an innate connection to nature.

Best of est | New Australian Retail Spaces

We explore six new Australian retail spaces that have emerged from collaborations between esteemed interior designers and fashion labels.

Exclusive Film | Saddle Peak Residence by Sant Architects

Taking its post atop a ridge on the coast of Topanga, California, a secluded home echoes the rugged beauty of its natural surroundings.

"Great architecture should be more than the building itself – I’m interested in how buildings can have a positive impact on the greater community."

Architect Clare Cousins

Home Tour | NYC Triplex by Jae Joo Design

Situated in Tribeca, NYC Triplex by Jae Joo Designs and Michael House Architecture presents the transformation of a Brutalist-style building.

Home Tour | Lambersart by RMGB

Nestled within the heart of Lille, France, Lambersart by RMGB is Guillaume Gibert and Baptiste Rischmann’s reimagining of a 1940s residence.

Home Tour | Collector’s House by Betsy Brown and Shepard & Davis Architects

Collector's House by Betsy Brown and Shepard & Davis Architects is designed as a backdrop to the homeowner's furniture and art collection.

My Space | Interior Designer Timothy Godbold

Interior designer Timothy Godbold invites us inside his modernist Hamptons hideout, resembling something straight out of a James Bond film.

Home Tour | LN Residence by Jim Dierckx

Contemporary, refined, and spacious, the LN Residence by Jim Dierckx sees a townhouse return to its former glory in Antwerp, Belgium.

New Podcast Release | This Much I Know with Hecker Guthrie

In our latest podcast episode of This Much I Know, host Karen McCartney speaks to Hecker Guthrie founding principals Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie.

Read Now | est Magazine: The Nature of Design

Our latest issue, ‘The Nature of Design’, explores the symbiotic relationship between architecture, design, and nature.

Best of est | Fashion Retail Stores

In this special feature, we explore four retail spaces that have emerged from collaborations between architects and fashion designers.

Where Architects Live | Ben Mitchell

Illustrating the impact of disciplined architectural thinking, architect Ben Mitchell's home embraces outdoor space, light and water views.

Home Tour | Barefoot House by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

Barefoot House, designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, is a meditative oasis nurturing the evolving journey of a young family.

Home Tour | Adelaide Street by Robert Simeoni Architects

Leading Melbourne architect Robert Simeoni has designed a monumental home in Armadale that exudes warmth and tactility.

Where Architects Live | Ben Ridley

An Edwardian terrace in London has become a place of calm and connection to nature under the direction of architect Ben Ridley.

Design Destination | Ostuni

A Puglia-born ceramicist and art collector has created a meditative retreat surrounded by native olive trees.

Home Tour | East Melbourne Residence by Hecker Guthrie

An East Melbourne home contemplates legacy through an equally sensitive and contemporary design intervention.

Where Architects Live | Felix De Montesquiou

Architect Felix De Montesquiou’s Paris home reflects his affinity for natural light, industrial scale and integrated design elements.

Where Architects Live | Luis Laplace

Step inside architect Luis Laplace and partner Christophe Comoy's own home ‘Casa Santa Magdalena’ in Menorca.

Home Tour | Elwood Residence by Emily Gillis Design

A Californian bungalow in Melbourne’s Elwood has been gracefully transformed into a tranquil family home by Emily Gillis Design.


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