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Peer behind the curtain where design becomes personal. This section isn’t just about houses; it’s about the stories etched in brick and mortar. Witness architects transform apartments into intimate oases, penthouses into soaring sanctuaries, and terraces into verdant escapes. Watch history breathe new life in renovated wonders, or marvel at bold explorations carving fresh ground. Here, architects aren’t just building, they’re baring their souls, shaping spaces that whisper their families’ dreams. est presents an intimate glimpse into the heart of design, where passion transcends blueprints.

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Where Architects Live | Ben Mitchell

Illustrating the impact of disciplined architectural thinking, architect Ben Mitchell's home embraces outdoor space, light and water views.

Where Architects Live | Ben Ridley

An Edwardian terrace in London has become a place of calm and connection to nature under the direction of architect Ben Ridley.

Where Architects Live | Felix De Montesquiou

Architect Felix De Montesquiou’s Paris home reflects his affinity for natural light, industrial scale and integrated design elements.

Where Architects Live | Luis Laplace

Step inside architect Luis Laplace and partner Christophe Comoy's own home ‘Casa Santa Magdalena’ in Menorca.

"I instantly relax upon arrival at the property. The tranquillity and isolation definitely provide the perfect backdrop conducive to creative thinking."

Architect Richard Found

Exclusive Film | Inside JUMA Architects’ Home and Studio

Step inside JUMA Architects founders and directors Mathieu Luyens and Julie Van De Keere's family home in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium.

Exclusive Film | Architect Manuel Aires Mateus’ Lisbon Home

Architect Manuel Aires Mateus' own home was conceived as an ever-evolving space that he and his family can cherish for years to come.

Where Architects Live | Ed & Edwina Glenn

An architect and interior designer couple convert a historic hotel in one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs into their own family home.

Where Architects Live | Michael Bialek

SJB founding director Michael Bialek welcomes est inside his newly renovated Melbourne apartment as part of our Where Architects Live series.

Where Architects Live | OSKLO Co-founders Arya and Michael Martin

Michael and Arya Martin, co-founders of Los-Angeles-based architecture studio OSKLO, invite est inside their Hollywood Hills haven.

Exclusive Film | Architect Richard Found’s Cotswolds Home

Watch our exclusive film of Richard Found’s home in the UK’s Cotswolds where an unanticipated rethink of plans developed dialogue between historical and contemporary.

Where Architects Live | Manuel Cervantes

Architect Manuel Cervantes’ own home clearly illustrates the strong contemporary architecture Mexico is known for.

Where Architects Live | Studio Okami

Studio Okami Architect's founding partner Bram Van Cauter takes est through his renovated Brutalist-style apartment in Antwerp, Belgium.

Where Architects Live | Atelier 10.8

Atelier 10.8 co-founder Henri Van den Broeke invites est inside his Ghent apartment, which he describes as “classical with a twist”.

Where Architects Live | studio gram

studio gram director Dave Bickmore invites est inside his Adelaide abode, which he shares with his wife and 11-month-old daughter.

Where Architects Live | Nick Tobias

Architect Nick Tobias takes est through his 1970s Camp Cove home in Sydney that he now shares with his boys.

Where Architects Live | Lucy Clemenger

Architect Lucy Clemenger invites est into her light-filled family home, adjacent to a heritage park in the heart of Prahran, Melbourne.

Where Architects Live | Lachlan McArdle

Lande Architects have reworked a terrace in Melbourne's South Yarra into a minimalist family home for founder Lachlan McArdle and his family.

Where Architects Live | Kyra Thomas

Architect Kyra Thomas takes est through her transformation of a storage warehouse in Queens Park, Sydney that she now shares with her family.

Where Architects Live | William Smart

Located in Alexandria, the new studio and home for architect William Smart and his team of 48 is breathtaking.

Where Architects Live | Eva-Marie Prineas

Step inside the Sydney terrace of award-winning architect Eva-Marie Prineas and discover her passion for a home's storied past.

Where Architects Live | Kirsten Stanisich

Architect Kirsten Stanisich offers a personal glimpse at her enduring design sensibility inside her Sydney terrace. 


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