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For those who love purveying their local galleries on a weekend or discovering new and emerging new talents in the global creative scene, we have created an est curation of galleries and artists to watch and follow. Featuring all mediums from photography and abstract paintings to fine art exhibitions, we share with you our own address book of contemporary art galleries to keep an eye on. 

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Enter a Reimagined Gallery Space for Otomys

A reimagined space in Malvern, Melbourne has resulted in more than a white wall gallery for Otomys.

Art at Home | Hyperreal

There is no hiding in the hyperreal. In this Art at Home edit, we reveal eight artists who use intense detail. 

Art at Home | Surrealism

Surrealism and art are at play with perception for these eight artists, offering alternate ways of viewing the world. 

Art at Home | Bold Abstraction

From reinterpreted landscapes to embellished surface texture, we explore bold abstraction through seven different artists.

"Good art communicates ideas – good design serves a function, and I find the narrative this creates inspiring."

Furniture Designer Ross Didier

Art at Home | Greyscale

In this Art at Home feature, we explore 'Greyscale' at the height of dramatic art and how the depths of black and white translate through interiors.

Art at Home | Contemporary Landscapes

Bringing the outside in, this Art at Home edit embraces Contemporary Landscapes as an expressive motif in modern painting.

Exploring Art and Interiors with Alexandra Donohoe Church

We discuss the relationship between art and interior design with Decus founder and managing director Alexandra Donohoe Church.

Art at Home | Contemporary Portraiture

On the edge of abstract and back to realism, this Art at Home edit looks at eight artists' take on contemporary portraiture.

Art at Home | Colour: In Sculpture

This Art at Home edit brings together eight artists who explore colour in 3D form through different materials.

Art at Home | Colour: In Paint

Full of colour and big gestures, this Art at Home edit brings together eight artists who use a vivid paint palette to capture attention.

Exploring Art and Architecture with Ed Glenn

As part of our Art at Home series, we sit down with Powell & Glenn's principal and director Ed Glenn to explore the multi-disciplinary nature of art and architecture.

Art at Home | Art and Design

In this Art at Home feature, we see art and design effortlessly intersect through six different artists and designers from around the globe.

Art at Home | Art and Architecture

Art and architecture often inspire one another, leaving traces of influence in line, form, light and shadow.

Art at Home | Minimalism: On the Canvas

Minimalism: On the Canvas reveals a breadth of contemporary art that evokes restrained colour palettes and composition.

Art at Home | Minimalism: In Sculpture

Pushing the boundaries of contemporary art, Minimalism: In Sculpture tests the limits of what can be done with metal, clay, and plastic.

Art at Home | Still Life

Continually seen as a style throughout art history, Still Life continues as a popular concept — using everyday objects to connect art to life.

Photographer Jack Lovel Launches New Book ‘Catching Light’

Australian Architectural photographer Jack Lovel launches his new book 'Catching Light', an ode to the late architect Iwan Iwanoff.

Art at Home | Poetic Abstraction

Poetic Abstraction explores the materiality of paint, surface, and gesture through soft hues and expressive mark-making.

Ash Holmes & Jamie Preisz Launch Collaborative Art Collection

Ash Holmes and Jamie Preisz, known for their oil and acrylic craftsmanship, join forces to reveal their first shared art collection.

Muller Van Severen Celebrate a Decade of Design with Book Launch

Belgian furniture design duo Muller Van Severen celebrate ten years with their second printed publication.

NYC-based Apparatus Studio Unveils New Collection

Apparatus Studio creative director Gabriel Hendifar launches the studio's fourth instalment; this time, taking inspiration from the 1960s.


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