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Future Classic | Cowrie Chair by Brodie Neill

Sinuous, tactile and certainly sculptural, the Cowrie Chair by Tasmanian-raised designer Brodie Neill is a future classic.

Future Classic | Roly Poly Chair by Faye Toogood

Our latest Future Classic, the Roly Poly Chair by UK-based designer Faye Toogood, was an immediate sensation when it was released in 2014.

Future Classic | Smock Chair

Referencing the world of fashion, the Smock Chair brings together the traditional craft of smocking and contemporary design.

Future Classic | Favela Armchair

The Favela chair has become extremely popular with architects and designers who appreciate a sense of the ‘hand’ as much as an innovative idea.

Future Classic | Pylon Chair

We learn why renowned London-based designer Tom Dixon's Pylon chair is a Future Classic, reflecting his passion for industrial materials.

Future Classic | Twiggy Floor Lamp

Learn why we've named the Twiggy floor lamp designed by industrial designer Marc Sadler for Foscarini a future classic.

"If you fix the rules inside the furniture language, in the end, you are fixing the rules. I like to jump out and use some other rules."

Architect Piero Lissoni

Future Classic | Whistling Tea Kettle

One of the most successful designer household items produced by Alessi, the Whistling Tea Kettle, can be found in many kitchens worldwide.

Future Classic | Roy Tavolo Table Lamp

We're bringing the Roy Tavolo Table Lamp by Mario Nanni to the front in the first instalment of our new Future Classic series.

Future Classic | The Lady Armchair

There are certain chairs that seem to have been with us forever. However, the Lady Armchair was only rereleased by Cassina in 2015.

Future Classic | Groovy Chair

As part of our Future Classic series, we see why Pierre Paulin's sculptural Groovy chair is experiencing a resurgence.

Future Classic | The Etcetera Chair

The Etcetera chair is proving once again to be popular with designers worldwide who weren’t around when the chair was first released.

Future Classic | Concorde Table

We learn how Emmanuel Gallina’s Concorde Table avoids faddish design for the moment as a timeless example of contemporary furniture design.

Future Classic | The Togo Seating Collection

The Togo Seating is celebrating its 50th anniversary. And while it was designed all those years ago, it still appears contemporary today.

Future Classic | Henry Wilson Surface Sconce

We shed a light on the Henry Wilson Surface sconce as part of our Future Classic series, launched just four years ago.

Future Classic | Extrasoft Sofa

Few sofas are as comfortable as Piero Lissoni’s module Extrasoft Sofa, conceived for furniture brand Living Divani.

Future Classic | Mad Chair

Marcel Wanders’ velvet-covered Mad chair is quintessentially a Future Classic – combining comfort with beauty.

Future Classic | The Bookworm by Ron Arad

The Bookworm, designed by Ron Arad in 1993 and produced a couple of years later by Kartell, is often used to display objects as well as toys.

Future Classic | The DTILE

We’re putting the 'simple but complicated' DTILE on a pedestal in the third feature of our Future Classic Series.


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