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This est collection is where design blooms into a vibrant ecosystem, where culinary artistry mingles with light-bending photography, brushstrokes dance with sleek products, and even tech wizards share their code-crafted beauty. Envision landscape magic seamlessly woven into this tapestry, blurring the lines between indoors and out. Stop dreaming, because ‘est’s MySpace’ isn’t just a page; it’s a living, breathing collection where diverse design leaders – from food stylists to software engineers, from artists to photographers – are convened, each adding their unique spark to the architectural process. It’s an invitation to explore beyond boundaries, where inspiration flows as freely as creativity itself.

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My Space | Draga & Aurel

Italian husband-and-wife team Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow take est through their expressive, material-rich apartment in Como.

My Space | Interior Designer Timothy Godbold

Interior designer Timothy Godbold invites us inside his modernist Hamptons hideout, resembling something straight out of a James Bond film.

My Space | Designer Brigette Romanek

Designer Brigette Romanek invites est inside her Los Angeles family home, embodying her self-described style and monograph, 'Livable Lux'.

My Space | Lucy Folk’s Australian Home

Designer, founder and creative director Lucy Folk speaks with est about her ‘grand old dame’ on the shores of a lake.

"You don’t need heaps of things, nor do you need super flashy things, you just need to know how to arrange them in relation to the scale and contents of a space."

Stylist Colin King

My Space | Flack Studio

Melbourne designer and founder of his namesake studio, David Flack, welcomes est inside his experiential new workspace.

Exclusive Film | Explore John Pawson’s Home Farm

We explore minimalist designer John Pawson’s Home Farm in Cotswolds, England through an exclusive film tour.

My Space | Interior Designer Amelda Wilde

The home of interior designer Amelda Wilde is a testament to her penchant for preservation and the beauty of atmospheric experience.

My Space | Stylist Nora Eisermann and Photographer Laura Muthesius

Food stylist Nora Eisermann and photographer Laura Muthesius take us through their renovated farmhouse in Brandenburg, Germany.

My Space | Interior Designer Tali Roth

Interior designer Tali Roth showcases her distinctively laid-back and exuberant style within her own home in Melbourne's Toorak.

My Space | Landscape Designer Miranda Brooks

Landscape designer and US Vogue contributing editor Miranda Brooks takes us through her farmhouse and gardens in Cotswolds, England.

Exclusive Film | At Home With Designer Louisa Grey

London-based studio House of Grey take a holistic approach to designing their new hybrid studio space, 'Home of Holism'.

My Space | Designer Lindye Galloway

California-based designer Lindye Galloway takes est through her tranquil family abode in Newport Beach, California.

My Space | Interior Designer Nicholas Obeid

New-York-based interior designer Nicholas Obeid takes us through his cosy apartment in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighbourhood.

My Space | Martyn Thompson

We take a tour of multi-disciplinary designer and photographer Martyn Thompson's magical house and garden in the Catskills, Woodstock.

My Space | Nickolas Gurtler’s New Melbourne Workspace

Designer Nickolas Gurtler’s new Melbourne workspace reflects his penchant for simplicity, sophistication and the “undeniably chic”.

My Space | Interior Designer Georgina Jeffries

Interior designer Georgina Jeffries invites est inside her charming and personality-filled cottage on Victoria's surf coast.

My Space | Designer Isabelle Stanislas

Explore the home of French designer Isabelle Stanislas in the heart of Paris’ Palais Royal – a testament to her love of materials and commitment to design details.

My Space | Colin King

New York-based interior stylist Colin King takes est through his live-work space in Manhattan's Tribeca neighbourhood.

My Space | Interior Designer Tamsin Johnson

The eclectic home of Sydney designer Tamsin Johnson juxtaposes styles and eras, shining a light on her personal design narrative.

My Space | Monica Calderon and Ezequiel Farca

Discover Casa Escuela, a family retreat and multi-disciplinary creative sanctuary in the heart of Merida, Mexico.

My Space | Christopher Elliott Studio

We step inside designer Christopher Elliott’s new Melbourne studio, underpinned by design authenticity, craftsmanship and a ‘sense of home’.


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