Tiny Holiday Home by i29 interior architects

  • We’re off to the Netherlands to learn how Dutch firm i29 interior architects design a tiny holiday home – that feels far from the fact.

    Just 18km south of Amsterdam is the popular water sports area of Vinkeveense Plassen, an enclave of interconnected islands that homes float upon. With a true respect for this landscape they wanted to build on, the clients asked i29 interior architects in collaboration with Chris Collaris for tiny holiday home that did not detract from the lush foliage and appreciated it from every angle.

    The word tiny may come with negative connotations, but as we’re quick to point out here at est size doesn’t determine the quality of design – and the Tiny Holiday Home is an exemplar of this. At a compact size of 55 square metres, it demonstrates how architecture and interiors work together to create a comfortable, curated and highly functional place for a family of four – with minimal impact on their environment.

    The Tiny Holiday Home is located close to the water; its orientation determined by the views of the water and the sunlight available. I29 interior architects divided the structure into four parts that come together around a central patio, diverse in size to create a sculptural black-clad image. These interconnected cube elements reflect other est homes immersed in nature’s goodness and our most viewed homes of 2018 – the Gjoevik House by Norm Architects and the Oxygen House by Susanna Cots. All four separate volumes are clad with Foreco Waxed Wood intermitted by large windows or sliding doors that blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors. While we may be bias towards black homes, the black pinewood exterior leaves both a strong impression and a clear respect for where it sits.

    Inside, interior dimensions and ceiling height gives the impression of endless space. That’s because in every detail i29 interior architects aimed for the most space efficient solution possible, working towards a ‘unified whole’. The layout includes a living room, kitchen/ dining area, patio, three bedrooms, one bathroom and two toilets, defined by a ‘smart arrangement of functionalities’.

    “Making quality projects is, in our opinion, not always ‘the bigger the better’. With only some simple yet smart interventions this project is of the highest standard and at the same time energy efficient, eco-friendly, and built with a small footprint.”

    – i29 interior architects

    I29 interior architects made use of simple, natural materials like pinewood, natural oak and polished concrete. This is a part of their overall design strategy to link interior components to architecture and vice versa, without ‘expensive materials and technical show’. What the interior does host is some quality design objects and custom furniture, with a special shout out to the TossB ‘Tibo’ Light fittings, Hay Mags Sofa and the Hay Copenhague Table (available at Cult Design).

    Homes that do a lot more with less make us very excited here at est – particularly for the future. It’s even more exciting that homes of this calibre are recognised, with The Tiny Holiday making its way onto a list of nominees in the Frame Awards ‘House of the Year’ for 2019. This miniature holiday home is a model example of smarter, smaller design, that doesn’t cut any corners with quality.

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  1. I would love to see a groundplan of this project! I am seriuosly interested in small architecture and I need to learn from those great examples!

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