Melbourne’s Authentic Italian Treat

  • If you’re a sweet tooth and feeling the summer heat in Melbourne, it’s time you made your way down to the newest member of the Piccolina Gelateria family designed by Hecker Guthrie.

    In 2016 Melbourne was introduced to Piccolina Gelateria – an authentic, all-natural taste of Italian gelato – opened by Sandra Foti in the neighbourhood of Hawthorn. The Piccolina craft for Gelato was instilled in the owner through her Italian heritage and her father’s made-from-scratch recipes. Since, Sandra Foti’s passion for traditional Gelato and the Piccolina fan base has led to a North-side sister store in Collingwood and now a sibling by St Kilda’s seaside.

     The design gurus behind the Piccolina experience are local est favourites Hecker Guthrie, who have created spaces that echo 1950s Southern Italy. While no two Piccolina stores appear to be the same you’ll soon discover they all share an undisputed Italian ‘La Dolce Vita’.

    Described as the ‘little sister’ of the Collingwood store, Piccolina St Kilda came just in time for summer. It emulates the beach-culture and the Acland Street surrounds – Melbourne’s ‘summer playground’. Owner Sandra Foti knew it was the perfect place for another Piccolina to call home; “We love Acland Street for its village feel and it’s always buzzing with positive energy,” she said.

    Just as the others, Piccolina St Kilda is designed to bring people together and to pay homage to its heritage – years of gelato making, sharing and indulging. Aesthetically, this meant combining touches of terrazzo, pendant lights and exposed green timber. To differentiate from the other stores, Hecker Guthrie used a lighter colour palette that reflects the sea and sun. The open counter design clad with square-cut Italian tiles also means you can see the makers creating the magic.

    Piccolina St Kilda by Hecker Guthrie
    Piccolina St Kilda by Hecker Guthrie

    Wondering why the name “Piccolina” was chosen? In Italian it means little one – resonating with the small footprint of the Collingwood Gelateria. But while small, it packs a punch with vibrant colour and sculptural design work. Just as St Kilda and Hawthorn, the tile selection is an ode to the green of the Italian flag and again nails the fifties vibe.

    Piccolina Gelateria describes itself as serving up the “best gelato ice cream in Melbourne” and we certainly won’t be challenging that. If you’re a Melbournian out and about on a scorcher, we recommend you don’t venture too far from these sweet spots.

    Piccolina Collingwood by Hecker Guthrie
    Piccolina Collingwood by Hecker Guthrie
    Piccolina Collingwood by Hecker Guthrie

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