Amsterdam Apartment by i29 Interior Architects

  • Down south from the hustle and bustle of central Amsterdam, the De Pijp (The Pipe) is one of the city’s trendiest hideaways to live, work and play. Taking up a sought after spot in the cosmopolitan neighbourhood, this lucky loft was blessed with the architectural intervention of i29 Interior Architects. Thanks to a clever hand from the Netherland firm, the home’s residents can enjoy a sleek new chapter in a vibrant locale.

    DESIGN i29 Interior Architects | PHOTOGRAPHY courtesy of i29 Interior Architects

    Since the 1960s, the De Pijp district has held its title as a melting pot of cultures, nationalities and creativity. Formerly a working class quarter, the De Pijp is now one of Amsterdam’s most hip and happening places to live, thanks to the early intervention of the Amsterdam School. The De Pijp is made up of sculptural Amsterdam School style architecture, after the School set out to create ‘palaces for the working class’ between 1915 and 1930. In a similar fashion as the Amsterdam School, i29 Interior Architects overhauled a 120 square metre apartment into a spacious loft.

    The local studio pride themselves on simplicity and contradiction in their work. Extremely selective in their approach, they believe in pushing this selection process to the limit to design charismatic and conceptual work. I29 Interior Architects took this bag of tricks to pare-back the Amsterdam apartment, equipping the home with a simple material scheme of oak wall panels and built-in furniture. The exceptional joinery spans the length of the home, from living room to kitchen. In the kitchen, cabinetry can be completely enclosed by an oak wall, surmounted by the robust black kitchen bench. Upstairs, the attic has been stripped to introduce two bedrooms and a bathroom. This process allowed the timber roof construction overhead to be revealed and finished in crisp white, with oak floorboards underfoot.

    Despite the Bohemian reverberations of De Pijp, i29 Interior Architects chose a crisp, clean and contemporary path. At first glance, the natural light is notable, with a stream emanating from the French doors at both ends of the living area. Atop of this white and bright canvas, the Amsterdam Apartment also taps into the black and bluestone, with masculine accents threaded through the soft furnishings, curtains and feature print. Objects of interest are placed in the living area — but only a few — because this apartment is all about consideration over clutter. And with this approach, we’re looking forward to more of the refreshingly robust work from our friends at i29 Interior Architects. 

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