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The inner-city penthouse residence of RMA founder architect Rob Mills and his family embraces panoramic views of both the city and sea and an inherent connection to nature from every angle. 

Inspired by Mills’ favourite building, the Palazzo della Civiltà in Rome, Hampden Penthouse by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors embodies a beautiful balance of contemporary and traditional architecture through Mills’ own interpretation of intelligent design and crafted textures, making it unique. Sitting atop the handsome building is the architect’s own private residence that he shares with his wife Mikala and their daughter.

“The penthouse is set inside the four boundaries of the building, allowing the occupants to circumnavigate the residence while being connected to the rich, colourful garden wherever you are in the home,” Rob says.  “It makes the home inherently liveable, as wherever you are, you can look into the garden.”

Inside, the couple worked together to create interiors that reflect their individual journeys through life and the things they’ve found and gathered along the way. “The furniture within takes us years to collect,” Rob says.  “We are privileged enough to purchase furniture from some of the world’s greatest designers and furniture manufactured by the world’s great furniture companies.”

“I was also blessed 20 years ago to meet Andrew Lowe from Lowe Furniture, who made the dining table at Hampden Penthouse,” he adds.  “Lowe has made many tables for our different environments over the years, including the dining table at Ocean House and Stuart Street, as well as all the conference tables at RMA’s Sydney and Melbourne offices.” 

Royal Oak Floors Intrinsic Black
Black timber Royal Oak Floors flooring weaves timeless elegance through the home.

The home was also the architect’s first foray into experimenting with colour in each of the rooms, attributing his wife Mikala as giving him the confidence to do it, working side by side with him.  “It’s really rewarding and enriching to live in colour – it’s unexpected,” Rob says. “Colour changes the character of a room and the environment.”

It’s natural for an architect to always be looking for creative opportunities, and this came to pass when during a site meeting to inspect equipment on the roof of the building, the couple discovered incredible unused space up there. They immediately made the decision to use it – as though recycling it.  “We decided to use the space, as it would give us a quality of life we wouldn’t have below,” he says.

“It’s important for me to have a view beyond the place I live in – to have a view of the world, and that’s the living experience created here.” 

Knoll Saarinen Coffee Table
Knoll Platner Side Table
MDF Italia Flow Dining Chair
Foscarini Twiggy Dimmer Floor Lamp
Knoll Saarinen Coffee Table
Knoll Platner Side Table
MDF Italia Flow Dining Chair
Foscarini Twiggy Dimmer Floor Lamp
Knoll Platner Stool

The Knoll Planter stool in the main bedroom.

Flos Snoopy – Black

The main bedroom features the sculptural Flos Snoopy lamp.

Loom Ecru Hand Towel

The Loom Towels Ecru hand and bath towels in the soft, light-filled ensuite bathroom.

"The interior reflects our individual journeys through life; there are pieces that we love, that represent us and who we are."


Knoll Butterfly Chair

The Knoll Butterfly chairs are accent pieces.

Knoll Schultz 1966 Chair

The Knoll Schultz 1966 chairs in the rooftop patio.

“It’s so important for me to have a view well beyond the place I live; a view of the world. It’s an essential part of living.”


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