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Folk House by CJH Studio is a cave-like residence surrounded by dense vegetation in Byron Bay. Equal parts relaxed and robust, this warm and enveloping weekend home serves as an antidote for its otherwise busy family. 

The existing home was originally destined to be demolished and replaced with a new build. However, director Cassie James-Herrick shares how “the project embraced a very quick 180-degree pivot to a complete renovation instead. [There were] bushfire zone requirements, timeframes, and budgets that the clients didn’t have the appetite to overcome.” 

Fisher & Paykel Series 7 | Minimal 60cm Oven – 9 Function

The kitchen features Fisher & Paykel appliances, such as the Series 7 Minimal 9 Function oven.

The large stone sink and benchtop in the kitchen reflect the natural and heavily-textured palette of the home. 

CJH Studio converted the original dilapidated garage into a luxurious guest suite, increasing the livable area of the house. Within the existing home, all spaces received an overhaul. “We had a trusting client that let us create our own interpretation of how we could envision the interior spaces,” Cassie shares. “As they had never considered the home as a renovation project, the clients had no reference images or ideas for CJH Studio to use as a starting point”. So the studio looked to the forest surrounds, “harnessing a deeper palette of materials” with an approach marked by sculpture and texture.

Linen window coverings lend themselves to privacy while allowing the limited light from the forest outside to enter the home. The home achieves a sense of warmth and intimacy with the textural finish to all the plasterboard walls and the subtle curve edges throughout, as seen in the dining booth and sweeping plaster shelves for displaying curated objects.

Royal Oak Floors Peppercorn Grey

Dark timber is used across the home, such as timber flooring in rich grey hues by Royal Oak Floors, creating deliberate contrasts to the otherwise creamy palette. 

Further to the existing home being quite dark, Cassie notes that CJH were “unable to bring in additional windows or skylights. Rather than trying to counter this or artificially recreate light, we chose to lean into the warm tones the light offered,” she explains. The resulting home embraces textures and subtle contrasts to shape moody and inherently calm spaces. 

Henry Wilson Surface Sconce Calacatta

The Henry Wilson Surface sconce in the living area.

Joinery in the key living areas seamlessly blends into the walls, adopting a similar finish to the textured plasterboard walls. 

Soft furnishings, such as linen window dressings, are a welcome addition against some of the more robust materials used across the home. 

In the bathroom, tiles with varying tones create depth and texture. 

Marz Designs Terra 1 Short Articulating Sconce

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