Nine to Know | Circular Side Tables

  • We’re coveting nine side tables that manifest the appeal of circular shapes in the living room.

    It’s psychologically proven that we favour round shapes in our homes for their sense of softness, comfort and versatility. We’ve handpicked nine statement-making circular side tables that reaffirm our affinity for round and playful forms while making for a functional piece in the living space.

    Shimmer Table Glas Italia

    Patricia Urquiola designed an iridescent illusion, Glas Italia’s Shimmer table, conceived from low laminated and glued round glass forms.

    Designed in 1957 by Eero Saarinen, the Knoll Saarinen Tulip side table has a sculptural softness despite the heavy moulded aluminium base. It was part of a five-year design project to revolutionise the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world” underneath tables by creating a singular stem for the tabletop to rest on.

    The Friends & Founders Knock Out Round Base, designed by Ida Linea Hildebrand, explores circular motifs through a minimalist tabletop with a slim spine and bulbous marble base.

    Baxter designed the Baxter Tebe side table in 2017 to accompany the low coffee table of the same structure. The striking stone material contradicts the smooth roundness of the table, which is balanced upon angled legs that make it impossible to miss.

    The Daniel Boddam M-side table is inspired by the pyramidal form of ‘El Castillo,’ in Mexico. Timber angles support a circular top to create a resolved geometric form.

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