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  • Parilio Hotel by Interior Design Laboratorium

    If you’re scouting for your next getaway spot in the new year, don’t look past five of our favourite hotels in 2019 from all four corners of the globe. 

    This year didn’t fail to impress us with luxury design accommodation. Characterised by a down-to-earth aesthetic, our collection embodies a new kind of luxury, defined by a sense of seclusion, relaxation and serenity.

    A step away from your stock-standard, each hotel features well thought-out details, craftsmanship and bespoke pieces. From a family-friendly Greek villa to Denmark’s latest design offering by Norm Architects, we can guarantee 2019’s design stays are exactly what you should be pencilling in for the European summer. 

    Casa Cook Chania by K-Studio, Annabell Kutucu and Lambs and Lions

    Located on the outskirts of Chania, in the northwest corner of Crete, Greece, Casa Cook Chania showcases relaxed luxury with interior design by Berlin’s Lambs and Lions and Annabell Kutucu, and architecture by Greece’s K-studio.

    Where you have the enjoyment of the Cretan coast on your doorstep, all 106 suites boast a private terrace and natural rain shower. The family and presidential villas feature spacious indoor and outdoor areas, including a garden with a private infinity pool, making them perfect for families or a group of friends.

    While Greece is a destination that is predominantly seen as a romantic escape for couples, Casa Cook have diminished this stereotype. With an innovative kids space, comprising of a mini beach club, private pool area, and a tailored program of creative classes, this retreat is the perfect getaway for the whole family. 

    The Audo by Norm Architects

    Est was fortunate enough to be one of the first guests to experience The Audo, taking a personal tour with Norm Architects partner Peter Eland in October this year. The Audo was conceived by Bjarne Hansen, founder and former CEO of MENU, with a vision to connect those in the international art and design community. The Audo in Denmark comprises of a hotel residence, restaurant, cafe, concept store, material library, event facilities and the MENU headquarters.

    “When first entering The Audo, we wanted to reflect the hard, industrial tone of the area,” Peter says. But as you walk through the building it becomes softer, more domestic until you reach the residence.” The Audo features 10 unique suites, where each room varies in size and colour. Each suite is designed with specific wall colours, furniture arrangements and hand-picked art pieces.

    A true testament to the future of Danish design accommodation, The Audo is quite unlike any accommodation we’ve ever explored before. 

    Santa Monica Proper Boutique Hotel by Kelly Wearstler

    We’ve always admired Kelly Wearstler’s work, so we were especially excited when we locked eyes on the Santa Monica Proper Boutique Hotel. Kelly Wearstler has completely transformed the Spanish colonial revival building in the prime location of sunny Santa Monica to house 271 guest suites.

    It’s just minutes away from the iconic beach, boutique shopping, health-conscious cafes and indulgent fine dining, and the twice-weekly Farmers’ Market, for the true Santa Monica experience.

    With three impressive restaurants, as well as a fitness centre, yoga terrace, spa, rooftop pool and bar, Wearstler’s Proper Hotel successfully marries heritage architecture with contemporary design. Consistent with a colour palette comprising of neutral earthy tones, the hotel pays homage to its colonial Spanish roots. 

    Exuding Los Angeles glamour, the Santa Monica Hotel is the ultimate Californian retreat.

    Parilio Hotel by Interior Design Laboratorium

    The Parilo Hotel by Athens-based studio Interior Design Laboratorium is a 33-suite slice of paradise on the island of Paros. Inspired by traditional Cycladic architecture and the Mediterranean views, Parilio is sure to evoke a sense of wanderlust. 

    Honouring the preexisting hotel’s roots from the 1980s, Interior Design Laboratorium were heavily influenced by the monasteries found on the island. With the aim to allow visitors to feel as though they were stepping back in time, the designers introduced an all-white facade, arched windows and concrete columns.

    The villa’s pool steals the show, with its giant natural rock feature and turquoise tiles. An onsite Asian spa and state-of-the-art gym facilities make this the perfect stay in Greece for a sense of escape and tranquility.

    Parilio Hotel by Interior Design Laboratorium
    Parilio Hotel by Interior Design Laboratorium
    Parilio Hotel by Interior Design Laboratorium

    The Finca Es Bec d’Aguila by Atelier Du Pont

    Atelier Du Pont are renowned for their award-winning projects, and adding to their reputed portfolio is their latest accommodation offering on the island of Menorca, Spain. Sitting high up on the hillside, the Finca Es Bec d’Aguila features local materials and building methods; dry stone walls, marès stone, white and coloured lime, terracotta and tiled floors. 

    Turning to the island’s traditional, muted colour palette for the hotel’s exterior, the interior showcases an abundance of coral and turquoise tones. With the aura of a countryside holiday home, visitors can still enjoy the features of a boutique hotel including a chef, yoga, massage and pottery classes. 

    The Finca Es Bec d’Aguila is the ideal getaway location for surrounding yourself with Menorca’s authentic, laid back charm.

    Finca Hotel by Atelier Du Pont
    Finca Hotel by Atelier Du Pont

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