Hotel Istoria

  • Hotel Istoria captures the heart of what Mediterranean luxury is all about. With views of sea and sun and a private spa in (almost) every suite, there are absolutely no second class spaces to be had here. Originally the abandoned residence of a horse lover (the property had five stables before renovation), the property’s Santorini location and setting couldn’t have been more ripe to bear fruit for the team at Laboratorium.

    DESIGN Laboratorium | PHOTOGRAPHY Giorgos Sfakianakis 

    Architecturally, Istoria takes its cues from traditional Mediterranean design values. Materials such as white plaster, terracotta, black sand and volcanic stone form the profile of Istoria’s building story, reiterating that at times tradition really does know best. Relics from its past have been purposefully preserved for its unique connection to the island. Stone columns and wooden roofs provide inspiration for the interior decor of the hotel where baskets, pottery and woven wool set the mood. But our favourite feature would have to be the mosaic tiled floors, with all tiles sourced from local artisans.

    Perivolos Beach sits right outside Hotel Istoria, offering miles of untouched sand and restaurants to idle your days away until the balmy evenings. Or if you’re simply too worn out after a day of soaking in the tub, dine in and enjoy the culinary experience that only a Michelin starred chef like Alexandros Tsiotinis can provide. It goes without saying that fresh seafood is in abundance. Being towards the south eastern end of the island secures enough distance from the crowds of tourists that dominate the western point, ensuring your escape stays just that. But if a bit of festivity is what you’re after, the Ifestia Festival which celebrates the famous Minoan volcanic eruption falls in September, turning the area into a flurry of excitement and spectacle.

    Certain colours and natural formations can only be seen away from home making the destination all the more memorable. Hotel Istoria captures the soul of the island and puts it at the centre of your stay. Istoria means story in Greek; why not make slow living the heart of your Greek escape and write your own?

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