Villa Vora by K-Studio

  • Villa Vora by K-Studio

    K-Studio’s Vora Villa offers guests the experience to stay in a renovated piece of history carved into the side of volcanic rock.

    Located in Santorini, Greece, this exclusive three-bedroom boutique villa accommodation has undergone a recent renovation. Athens-based design studio K-Studio has taken the natural surrounding as the inspiration for the new works. Based on a play of contrasts, toying between reveals and concealment, the villa is firmly anchored into the volcanic rock it sits upon, with open vistas over to the sparkling coastal views of the Aegean ocean beyond.

    Villa Vora by K-Studio

    Mirroring an almost cave-style of residence, guests have the opportunity to stay in a piece of the town’s history due to the passionate diligence and detailed work of K Studio and its craftspeople. Internally, a lime-wash textured plaster finish softens a series of organic openings and transitions between spaces with an honesty of materiality further expressed through the Vasaltis marble stone, heavy muted linens and timber.

    The arches and soft curves represent the style of the region, while also contrasting the weighted rock cliff it sits in. The custom integrated seating and crafted furniture by local artisans reveals their skill and proud history.

    Villa Vora by K-Studio

    Comprised of three internal rooms, the original layout was maintained and the connection to the external rooms and the coast are expressed through a relaxed sense of transition. Below the existing villa are two new villas, stacked atop one another with living on the above level, and sleeping zones below. The ability for guests to retreat from the sun into the depths of the rock is in deliberate contrast to the open sun-kissed edge.

    The play on privacy, retreat and reveal are at the heart of the experience within the villa. Although the location and aspect are an incredible drawcard in themselves, it’s the beautiful restoration and new works to Villa Vora by K Studio that creates a sanctuary.

    Villa Vora by K-Studio

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  1. Such a sensitive and poetic space. Congratulations K-Studio.
    How I long for the opportunity to stay……truly beautiful.

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