Shaping the Future of Smart Storage

  • We sit down with the leading manufacturer of cabinetry fittings Blum to discover how the brand continually innovates – to keep smart storage ‘in motion’.

    est takes a closer look at clever storage by stepping inside a multi-residential project in Melbourne, Middleton by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors. When it comes to smart storage solutions, Rob and his team lean on Blum – leaders in hinge, box, lift and runner systems, and cabinet solutions that maximise space without sacrificing useability or quality. We chat with Blum’s commercial consultant Tamara Russell to discover how the brand, founded in Austria in the 1950s, assists architects and interior designers across the globe.

    Produced in partnership with Blum

    Understanding Blum was originally founded by blacksmith Julius Blum in 1952; how did the brand branch into furniture fittings six years later?

    Tamara Russell: Julius Blum’s first product was a horseshoe stud to prevent horses from slipping. An innovation that only six years later evolved into hinges for windows and furniture. Julius Blum’s ethos of ‘developing what customers need to improve their business’ is still relevant today. Blum develops solutions to move forward with innovation constantly. 

    Originating in Austria, how did Blum evolve across the globe?

    Tamara Russell: The way we use our homes has changed over time and varies across countries. Blum recognised that branching into other markets could only be achieved by internationally expanding research and production facilities. We now have more than 9,000 employees worldwide, with over 120 countries importing Blum products.

    What is it that makes Blum unique from its competitors? What is your point of difference?

    Tamara Russell: Firstly, everything we develop is rigorously tested – for example, our hinges are opened and closed 200,000 times before they are deemed fit for sale. Secondly, the designer is at the forefront of the development process, through to the kitchen or furniture manufacturer and ultimately the end-user. 

    What technological advancement is Blum most proud of?

    Tamara Russell: We are most proud of our ‘motion technology’. Our BLUMOTION soft-close makes opening and closing easy and quietly regardless of weight or how hard you (try to) slam them shut. Our SERVO-DRIVE is an electrical opening system that allows for handle-less fronts on drawers and overheads that open or close with a single touch.

    What makes Blum products so effortless to use – yet so durable with weight capacity and longevity?

    Tamara Russell: Our products are tested extensively for their intended use. Drawers are put to the test (opening and closing 100,000 times) with the full weight capacity. We want designers to know what they are choosing will represent their level of quality in design.

    What are your most popular products in the Blum collection today?

    Tamara Russell: Our TANDEMBOX antaro drawers are a designer go-to. However, our LEGRABOX drawers with matching AMBIA-LINE inserts quickly became one of our most popular products. Their sleek design and colour options allow for personalisation to match all colour palettes and styles.

    Why do you think designers so regularly specify your products?

    Tamara Russell: Blum can always be relied on for quality, longevity and functionality. We understand selecting products for a designer can be complicated and time-consuming. However, they know that when specifying Blum, our products will meet aesthetic requirements, and our reputation in the market will ensure their clients are satisfied.

    Moving forward, what are the future plans for Blum?

    Tamara Russell: For Blum, our product innovations are two-fold. They move forward with both the needs of the consumer (adapting to the way we live) and the designer. We work towards bringing their ideas to life – making what they dream a reality. Technology and innovation are constantly evolving, so this is exceptionally significant for us.

    The signature and superior finishes throughout the home carry through to the bathroom, including the Blum LEGRABOX drawers with BLUMOTION soft-close operation.

    Could you tell us more about your unique software to support designers?

    Tamara Russell: Not only do we have a highly skilled commercial team to support architects and designers, but also a fully customised, tried and tested ‘Product Configurator’ for specifying applications and ‘Cabinet Configurator’ to plan and configure cabinets. From there, designers are able to transfer them directly to their CAD/partner software for further planning and design. It’s fast and simple – quick and direct! 

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