Adelaide Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

  • Adelaide Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

    A renovation and repurpose by Williams Burton Leopardi imparts the wonderful and storied life of the man that lives there.

    Adelaide-based architecture firm Williams Burton Leopardi (WBL) have crafted a deeply personal home that tells the story of its owner and his late wife. Sentiment is etched into the design through treasured objects collected over several years, and at the same time, pieces of the client’s identity can be seen, felt and touched, keeping him tied to the present.

    Initially, to begin with, Adelaide Residence was to be the next chapter in the lives of a retired couple, taking place on the leafy outskirts of Adelaide’s CBD. Life, however, had other plans, so the brief evolved to account for only one occupant. Embedded in the narrative of the home are distinct threads of the owner’s personality, which were divulged throughout the design process.

    The emotional transition away from the original brief granted WBL a unique opportunity to uncover the gentle and reserved man he was. To showcase this, moments of quiet and calm have been scattered across the home. They occur in the diffused afternoon light, the muted neutral palette, and the subtle passing of spaces.

    Adelaide Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

    While finding solace in a home that is uniquely him, the owner is also surrounded by tactful sources of nostalgia. “The home showcases a layered and storied life through treasured items and collected gems,” co-director of WBL Sophia Leopardi says. Various trinkets – ceramic vases, clay sculptures and dried flowers – are paired with antique furniture and artworks. Together, these objects affirm that sometimes stories are best told in the absence of words.

    In terms of reconfigurations, the rear of the home has been repurposed into a bespoke wine cellar and entertaining area. Crucially, this space needed to accommodate the owner’s family and friends without feeling overwhelmed when it was just him. The home also paints an evolving picture of place, drawing on the natural landscape that encloses Adelaide’s CBD to return to the foundation and deeper meaning of ‘home’. Doing so also generates an individual experience of retreat and connection to the sublime

    Through a considerate, hands-on approach, WBL have fashioned somewhere to call home for years to come. 

    Adelaide Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

    A moment of quiet and calm in Adelaide Residence bedroom.

    Adelaide Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

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