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Designing a kitchen from scratch takes a lot of consideration and planning with plenty of research and time going into the process of choosing appliances online or going in store. A fridge, an oven and a dishwasher are almost non negotiable items now when it comes to running a household so it makes sense that these would feature prominently in the estliving design directory appliances category. Making the choice between a sleek dishwasher or a freestanding oven requires some thought on how you like to entertain and then clean up afterwards. Space saving or oversized to suit an endless line of family and friends when entertaining are just some of the all important considerations to make when sourcing electrical appliances for the kitchen.

We have an exclusive range of appliances for all areas of your designer home available for you to consider here on our website, with further highlights in the est magazine. When you need a touch of style when it comes to your home appliances, est delivers inspiration on demand and to keep ahead of the curve in modern high-end interiors, sign up to our newsletter.

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