Melbourne Design Week Wrap Up: Futures Collective


    As the exhibition comes to a close, we take a look back on the themes explored in ‘Futures Collective’, which was staged within the heritage walls of Villa Alba Museum in Kew.

    Launched in 2022, Futures Collective pays homage to the exceptional craftsmanship of acclaimed local and international designers as part of Melbourne Design Week. This year, the exhibition brought together six participants across textiles, sculpture, art, furniture design and interior design, who collectively illustrated the impact of designing with transparency, collaboration and process in mind.

    Rug by Tappeti x YSG; sculptures by OKO OLO; artwork by Charlie Tjapangati

    Rug by Tappeti x YSG; vessels by Studio Thus That

    Rug by Tappeti x YSG; artwork by Lucy Loomoo Nungurryi

    01. Innate LS

    Textile designers Fiona Spence-Lyda (Australia) and Wanda Jelimini (Italy) collaborated with Australian artist Luke Sciberras to create a unique bath and towel collection entitled ‘Innate LS’. At its core, the collection embodied our relationship with the Australian landscape.


    A notable collection of Australian and international designer-makers were invited to investigate the question ‘what MATTERS to you?’. To be presented across three exhibitions spaced over three years, this was the first installment entitled ‘(NO THINGS) MATTERS’, which explored material samples, experimental forms and visual documentation as a way to represent the processes behind designing and making.

    03. Tappeti x YSG

    Australian interior designer Yasmin Ghomien of YSG Studio and Australian textile company Tappeti came together to present their exquisite rug collection entitled ‘Real Majik’. Yasmine Ghoniem called on her nomadic childhood spent in Kuwait and her Egyptian heritage to translate the tones and textures of the vast Middle-Eastern landscape into the 12-piece collection.

    Eco Outdoor in partnership with Tom Fereday; artwork by Luke Sciberras

    Eco Outdoor in partnership with Adam Cornish; lighting by Object Density

    04. OKO OLO

    Australian multidisciplinary design studio OKO OLO presented a collection of functional sculptures that explored the interplay between ‘found’ and ‘formed’. The collection moved away from traditional modes of designing and making, instead leaning into the idea of mindful material usage and minimal waste. 

    05. Eco Outdoor

    Futures Collective sponsor Eco Outdoor showcased the elegant Arc chair, produced in partnership with Sydney-based designer Tom Fereday and inspired by the unique character of raw aluminium. 

    06. Scott Livesey Gallery

    As another sponsor of Futures Collective, Scott Livesey Gallery provided artworks by established Australian artists and designers to support the exhibition.

    For more information about Futures Collective and the participating designers, visit the official Melbourne Design Week website.


    Innate LS; artwork by Amelia Carroll


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