Bathroom Covet | Bespoke Sinks

  • Step inside seven bathrooms and powder rooms that challenge a typical approach to the sink and vanity. 

    Bathroom sinks are an excellent way for designers to express their unique approach to a space by creating something entirely custom. Whether through a striking stone or a sculptural shape, we see how this seemingly ordinary feature can become anything but.

    Photography by Filipe Araujo

    01. Brazilian Residence

    Location: Rifaina, Brazil

    Design: mf+arquitetos

    Embodying a strong inside-outside design sensibility, this holiday home in Brazil is marked by the use of raw, nature-inspired materials. Timber-clad walls and ceilings are paired with natural stone, including a monolithic custom sink made out of locally-sourced rock.

    02. Mirror Image

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Design: Smac Studio

    The brief for Mirror Image called for a home that was “Hotelesque and ready to entertain”, inviting an unconventional yet striking blend of materials. The powder room is reminiscent of an igloo, with a custom ice-blue marble sink and corresponding curved plaster walls.

    Mirror Image by Smac Studio

    Photography by Anson Smart

    Photography by Thomas De Bruyne

    03. Residence DVB

    Location: Knokke, Belgium

    Design: Dries De Malsche

    Dries De Malsche was tasked with designing a light and clean, yet warm family abode in the Belgian coastal town of Knokke. Taking cues from the kitchen, the bathroom features a curved custom sink clad in milky marble, coinciding with the home’s distinctly Belgian material palette.

    04. OD House

    Location: Majorca, Spain

    Design: Jorge Bibiloni Studio

    Much of the stonework throughout OD House is crafted from Binissalem, a stone typical of its location and often referred to as Majorca’s marble. The bathroom features a custom sink crafted from Binissalem, demonstrating the timeless beauty of the age-old material.

    Photography by Tomeu Canyellas

    Photography by Anson Smart

    05. NoMad

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Design: Alexander &CO.

    This industrial-building-turned-apartment in Sydney is anchored by a custom concrete kitchen bench, which, due to its weight and size, had to be carried in by a crane. Alexander &CO. chose to replicate this monolithic feature on a much smaller scale in the bathrooms, creating sculptural ‘floating’ sinks – these ones a little easier to carry in.

    06. Casa Escuela

    Location: Mérida, Mexico

    Design: Monica Calderon and Ezequiel Farca

    This converted school in Mérida is imbued with a strong Mexican sensibility, proudly conveyed through the region’s signature materials and earthen tones. In the bathrooms, craftsmanship is expressed in the form of raw, naturally-shaped stone basins preserved from the original building, which have been completed with weathered-copper taps.

    Photography by Fernando Marroquin

    Photography by Anson Smart

    07. Elwood Residence

    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Design: Flack Studio

    Flack Studio have paid tribute to this Melbourne home’s 1920s hallmarks through expressive stone, bronze detailing and rich mulberry hues. In the bathroom, venetian plaster wraps the walls; a foundation to the Rosso Levanto marble sink with hammered aged brass cladding custom designed by the studio.

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