Kitchen Covet | Clever Compact Kitchens

  • Take a peek inside seven compact kitchens defined by their clever use of space, storage and materials.

    In this kitchen covet, we’re showcasing projects from around the globe that optimise space and get clever – in layout, how things are stored, or the way materials are applied.

    Upper East Side Pied-a-Terre by Robert Young Architects

    It should come as no surprise that the opening kitchen is located in one of the most compact cities in the world. Case in point: this flat on the Upper East Side, designed by Robert Young Architects. In a clever colour contrast, this all-black kitchen is merely a hole in a wall, equipped with all of the essentials: an oven, stovetop, sink and enough storage to satisfy any New Yorker.

    Brick 99 by AM Designs

    Belgians are renowned for their minimal, clean-cut designs, particularly in the kitchen. Antwerp-based studio AM Designs have crafted a compact kitchen using raw materials, pure forms and discreet storage solutions. Aside from the visible stovetop, all appliances have been cleverly integrated into a neat joinery system on the left side. 

    Collingwood Apartment by Rob Kennon Architects

    In Collingwood, Melbourne, Rob Kennon Architects have skillfully converted a three-storey warehouse into a modern apartment built for entertaining. The apartment’s kitchen has been cleverly tucked under the stairwell, closed in by a curved brass wall. A window nook has then been added to extend the space out towards the street – combining two clever manipulations of space. 

    MJ Residence by Seear-Budd Ross

    New Zealand practice Seear-Budd Ross have addressed this Wellington kitchen like a piece in a puzzle. The travertine benchtop and walnut joinery intuitively wrap around the bordering garden, forming a natural connection to the outdoors. Everything about the compact yet open space feels instinctual, from the 90-degree angles of the benchtop to the material palette to the drawers and cupboards.

    Basement Apartment by Brad Swartz Architects

    Brad Swartz Architects have adopted a space-saving mindset in this bright one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Potts Point, Sydney. But don’t be deceived; the kitchen is more than what meets the eye. While the kitchen ‘furniture’ accommodates a sink and stovetop, a hidden butler’s pantry fits an oven, refrigerator and additional storage space.

    Storybook House by Folk Architects

    Back in Melbourne, Folk Architects designed a dynamic alteration and addition onto a single-fronted Victorian terrace. The reinstated interiors present a new take on clever compact kitchens – one that marries the ritual of cooking with the ritual of eating, realised by a custom dining table adjoined to a stone kitchen island.

    Storybook House by Folk Architects

    Copacabana Beach House by Brad Swartz Architects

    You would expect a large, open kitchen in a beach house just north of Sydney that sleeps up to 16 guests. Brad Swartz Architects, however, have taken the unconventional route and opted for a modest kitchen designed to be a discreet ‘backdrop’ to the living area. This way, the living area is uninterrupted, increasing the sense of space.

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