Longwood Apartment by Studio Prineas

  • With generous views of Sydney Harbour, Longwood Apartment sees the interior restoration of its wearied bones, through an injection of a bold and layered contemporary aesthetic. Studio Prineas bring a fresh reconfiguration of the apartment, connecting it to its incredible location and outdoor aspect.

    Located in Sydney’s Darling Point, Longwood Apartment sits within an icon of its own – a modernist 1960s apartment building, reflectively captured by the period’s style. The new works sees the reinvigoration of the existing, through a refined contemporary lens and brief. Siting its location, connection to the exterior and incredible view, clear focus was placed on celebrating the thresholds between inside and out. In a two-way exchange, the invitation to bring the outside inward, Studio Prineas aimed to bring a little of the inside, out.

    A red Aalto Vase by Iitalla in the kitchen.

    Within the challenging constraints of the building’s strata agreement, the reconfiguration of the apartment allows for a total rebirth of the spaces within the shell.

    As a reflection of the owner, the new palette takes a sophisticated approach. The use of rich timber and opulent cherry tones combine with natural and expressive bold veining stonework. The integrated use of joinery throughout provides extensive additional storage, where warm dark timber tones, rich leather-clad panels, and refined custom metal hardware details embody the key point of engagement with the everyday.

    The raising of the external balcony floor surface, abating the awkward and uneven threshold condition between inside to outside, became a focus internally. As an extension of this effort, a timber plinth has been introduced around the border of each room, both as a connection to the exterior, and also as a platform of its own. It is intended to house ornamentation, the display of artwork and objects, and even becoming a bench seat in some areas. It also identifies the threshold between the main living and sleeping areas, the wet areas and service ancillary areas.

    Mixing the key palette of warm timber and a wine tones, the kitchen is a celebration of its own refinement, bringing together quality materials, in a considered and elevated way. With the expansive integration of storage, the impressive stone is able to shine. Similarly clad, the bathrooms feature marble mosaic tiles that extend from the floor, up the walls and onto the ceiling, creating a truly immersive experience. The additional layering of select furniture and artwork further add to the intended mood and tone of the apartment – an aesthetic that challenges what ‘Sydney’ style actually is.

    Although highly detailed internally, it is the 270-degree view that is the real focus for this apartment. The intentionally dark mullions allow for a less distracted view and uninterrupted sight-lines, letting the interiors to feel fully immersed.

    Studio Prineas have brought a refined level of elevation to an iconic Sydney apartment building, adding mood-inducing, layered textures, cleverly expressing its client and their personality.

    Pieces in the living space include the Metropolitan Armchair and Alanda Coffee Table for B&B Italia and the Maralunga Sofa for Cassina.

    The apartment features carpet throughout

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