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    In this one-on-one interview with est, London-based designer Edo Mapelli Mozzi breaks down his widely celebrated design studio Banda.

    Banda Property CEO and creative director Edoardo “Edo” Mapelli Mozzi founded the three-tiered design studio in 2007 and has since nurtured it to global distinction. Specialising in interior design, property search and development, Banda functions as a start-to-finish resource for home buyers, making client relationships and experiences their number one priority. Edo’s reputation is formidable – to the public, he is a hard-working, outward-looking design visionary who cares deeply about his practice and its people; in this interview, we would describe him no differently. While chatting with Edo, we learned his commitment to designing and delivering ‘dream homes’ for his clients and how much thought and devotion goes into each project, “no matter how big or small”.

    What was the catalyst for your career in design?

    Edo Mapelli Mozzi: I’ve always been fascinated by how spaces flow. When I was younger, my mother worked in commercial property, and she used to take me on site. Even from a commercial perspective, I was captivated by how buildings and design impact our daily lives. Our environment can have such a positive impact on our well-being if it’s carefully considered.

    “Intrinsically beautiful and faultlessly functional” is how you describe your work. What’s the key to balancing beauty and function?

    Edo Mapelli Mozzi: For us, working with natural materials where possible creates the beautiful elegance that is so intrinsic to our spaces. They will stand the test of time and are often effortlessly functional simultaneously. Take the Calcatta Oro marble we used for the cantilevered kitchen island in our recent townhouse at Leinster Square – the markings are mesmerising and extremely tactile while the marble itself is guaranteed to be functional and hardwearing for family life.

    You’ve created a one-stop design destination offering the three services of property search, development and interior design. What is the most rewarding part about each of these services?

    Edo Mapelli Mozzi: At Banda, we pride ourselves on client relationships. Early on in our journey, it became clear that all three elements work seamlessly together; many of our clients just handed over their property requirements to us entirely. Working with a client from the very outset of the search phase is extremely special. We truly get to the heart of what they’re looking for and can open ‘off market’ doors into properties they would never have had access to.

    From a development perspective, we undertake our own Banda boutique schemes like Leinster Square in Notting Hill, which comprises 15 individual properties with access to a private square. We also have many private clients we work closely with on full renovations.

    For myself and the team, it’s all about ‘design for living’; how our spaces are configured makes the difference between a home that only functions for a few years and a long-term real estate decision. The interior design element is a chance for us to tell our clients’ story – what makes them tick and how to blend their furniture and art collections with fresher pieces to give their new home its own identity. We’ll often take them on trips both in their own countries and overseas to source from the best craftspeople and antique markets – this is a truly rewarding part of the process for me.

    How does designing in London, your hometown, compare to designing in somewhere like New York?

    Edo Mapelli Mozzi: London is a magical city – its energy, history, architecture and green spaces will always make me feel at home. There’s inspiration around every corner. While the regulations that come with historical buildings can present challenges, breathing life into older buildings is at the heart of what we do at Banda. We can always find a way to blend the authenticity of the old with the needs of the modern.

    New York, on the other hand, with its vibrancy and height, is a wonderful place to work. Designing with a particular view in mind is something we’re working on at the moment. We’ve got many projects on the go in the US, and the design scene in New York is particularly magnetic.

    How do you continue to push new and original ideas in each of your projects?

    Edo Mapelli Mozzi: Our clients inspire us to stay versatile. Every client is so different that we’re constantly challenged to push boundaries design-wise. We have a multi-national team and the most wonderful little black book of suppliers globally. Seeking inspiration from our artisans and working with them to create bespoke pieces is one of my favourite parts of the job.

    Townhouse 02 by Banda

    Townhouse 02 by Banda | Photography by Taran Wilkhu

    When people step into a space designed by Banda, what’s the first thing you want them to notice?

    Edo Mapelli Mozzi: A sense of harmony in the design, both in how the spaces flow and how each room has been curated with a particular design focus in mind.

    What does ‘craftsmanship’ mean to you?

    Edo Mapelli Mozzi: Truly skilled masters of their craft and above all, exquisite beauty and quality that stands the test of time.


     What can we look forward to from Banda for the rest of 2022?

    Edo Mapelli Mozzi: An array of global projects: we’re working on more than 50 projects across the world at the moment, ranging from private client work across three continents to Banda joint venture developments which we are extremely excited about. No matter how big or small, all projects have their own identities and a hand-picked team working on them.

    Design Insiders Guide:

    Favourite local designer? Jony Ive

    Favourite design stores? Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

    Favourite galleries or spaces?  RA & Tate. Also the Raphael exhibition at the National is phenomenal.

    Where do you go to look at great design? Everywhere! This week I’m going to Murano to visit some of our favourite glass makers.

    For myself and the team, it’s all about ‘design for living’; how our spaces are configured makes the difference between a home that only functions for a few years and a long-term real estate decision.”


    – Edo Mapelli Mozzi


    Edo Mapelli Mozzi

    Edo Mapelli Mozzi photographed by Ben Anders in Leinster Square Townhouse

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