Insider’s Guide to Cultivating a Modern Bedroom Space


    We explore what it takes to build a modern bedroom sanctuary with Poliform’s refined and rest-inducing bedroom furniture collections.

    A bedroom is more than just a place to lay our heads; it’s the space where we wake up to face the morning and retreat to when we need to take solace and rest.

    When we spend so much time in this personal space, it’s essential to strike the right balance between beauty and functionality. Promoting a good night’s sleep is so much more than selecting the right bed – it’s a combination of bedroom elements including bedside tables, a chest of drawers or dresser and a mirror. When chosen with consideration, these elements can craft a timeless space where comfort can take centre stage.

    We’re taking our design cues from Poliform’s refined bedroom collection to cultivate a resolved sanctuary. From the delicate lines and gentle curves of the Kelly bed, the elegance of the Onda bedside table to the minimalistic and modern shapes of the Audrey mirror, there’s a cohesion that applies across all of these silhouettes and a luxurious material and colour palette that contributes to building a tranquil, yet modern bedroom space.

    In partnership with Poliform Australia

    The Poliform You bedside table in the Armadale Residences by Conrad Architects and Mim Design | Photography by Timothy Kaye


    This essential furniture item is the real pièce de résistance within the bedroom, informing the surrounding furniture pieces. It’s also the one furniture item that needs to guarantee a good night’s rest, which is why innovation in design, craftsmanship, and comfort are all non-negotiable elements for a modern-day bed. ‘Offering the best rest experience’ is the philosophy inspiring Poliform’s bed collection. From the Jacqueline bed, Rever bed or the latest Yume bed, Poliform’s international design collaborations with eminent creatives such as Marcel Wanders, Emmanuel Gallina, Jean-Marie Massaud and Paolo Piva ensure that individual design interpretations cultivate a collection of contemporary beds.

    Bedside Tables

    Bedside tables serve a functional purpose by keeping our carafe of water, favourite book, journal and personal belongings close to hand. A night table also serves to anchor the bed frame within the bedroom. Yet, despite its functionality, the depth and height of this furniture piece shouldn’t be overlooked when coordinating with the bed to ensure a seamless fit.

    Balancing a European sensibility within a classic form, Poliform’s collection of bedside tables has been designed to perfectly complete their bed frames, as seen in the sweeping curves of the Onda bedside table designed by Paolo Piva and crafted from timber and stone. Rewriting the art of storage through a contemporary approach, Poliform have developed a universal style of bedside tables to suit any bedroom context and complement all of their beds.

    Bedroom Drawers

    Offering a place to keep clothing, jewellery, and bags clean and tucked away from sight in the bedroom, a chest of drawers is an essential furniture item. It not only works to declutter the space by providing storage but creates an opportunity to make a bedroom-style statement.

    Coordinating with their beds and bedside tables, Poliform’s selection of designer chests of drawers harness a delicate interplay between practicality and sophisticated aesthetics. Collaborating with celebrated designers including Carlo Colombo and Emmanuel Gallina, each set of drawers from Poliform’s collection, including the Kelly chest of drawers to the Chloe chest of drawers, reflects a continuity that works alongside furniture placed elsewhere within the home. Each also applies a rich material palette with honed attention to shape, form and finer detail.


    Separate from their practical placement within a walk-in-robe or dressing room; a mirror can elevate a bedroom space through its reflection of light and how it interacts with the surrounding environment. Poliform’s collection of mirrors includes the minimalistic and organically shaped Audrey mirror designed by Emmanuel Gallina and the clean-lined and contemporary Sara mirror, designed by Flaviano Capriotti for Poliform.

     Poliform You bedside table featured in the Kim house.


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