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  • We delve into Melbourne’s best fashion retail spaces, designed to emulate the city’s ever-changing and energetic nature.

    Melbourne’s fashion, art and design scene are constantly overlapping – emblematic of a city alive with creativity. In this Best of est feature, we visit Melbourne’s best shopping hubs from the CBD to Armadale’s High street strip and other bustling shopping precincts; recognising standout retail experiences that each reflect the brands’ unique design ethos.

    Henne by Brahman Perera | Photography by Lillie Thompson

    Henne by Brahman Perera

    Prahran, Melbourne

    Brahman Perera captures the essence of designer label Henne in their first ever bricks-and-mortar store, located in the city where the brand was established. The transformed terrace space conceals a warm, artistic interior; inspired by the sophisticated and ‘ever-evolving Henne woman’. The boutique is located in Prahran’s Greville street, set within two storefronts that communicate separate zones. The first, ‘Her Space,’ showcases the brand’s garments against a rich timber backdrop. The other space is the ‘For Her Styling Suite’; an elevated experience for events, workshops, tailoring and consultations.

    A Swedish translation of ‘her’ Henne’s brand is inspired by simplicity and interchangeable styles. The label’s Nordic influences are apparent in the caramel tones, woven materials and herringbone timber flooring throughout the store. Next to the generous fitting rooms, the stairwell is wrapped in a striking periwinkle blue, leading visitors up to another intimate dressing space. Henne features an array of pieces from local artists and designers, including the plastered pendant designed by Brahman himself and painted works from Serena Cowie.

    Henne by Brahman Perera | Photography by Lillie Thompson

    Henne by Brahman Perera (pictured)| Photography by Lillie Thompson

    Acne Studios by Max Lamb

    Melbourne CBD

    In the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Acne Studios recently reopened its doors as an expansive space, stripped back to a palette that echoes the brand’s cultured ethos and Swedish roots. The transformation sees the store’s original footprint double in size to elevate a sense of serenity and modernity. Under designer Max Lamb, the retail space seeks to reflect Melbourne’s eclectic setting, through Acne’s global design lens. 

    Innovative interior elements create an unexpected experience that reflects the brand’s multi-dimensional genre, contrasting soft grey marble floors with steel fixtures. Entrusted with numerous Acne stores across the globe, Max Lamb elevates the space with his furniture; a collection of bespoke blue canvas seats. The sculptural pieces directly contrast the striking mirrored cube which occupies the centre of the space. An impressive lighting display by Benoit Lalloz illuminates the brand’s contemporary fashion pieces below.

    Acne Studios by Max Lamb | Photography courtesy of Acne Studios

    Viktoria + Woods Chadstone by Golden

    Malvern, Melbourne

    The Viktoria + Woods Chadstone flagship store is the third design collaboration between Golden and the Australian fashion label. Compared to the busy shopping destination where it resides, the store’s calming, restrained palette complements the timeless wardrobe staples on display. An honest, textural material palette that features pearl marble and soft green fabric reflects the brand’s ethos.

    From the wide storefront, one can appreciate Viktoria+Woods in its entirety. Once inside, gentle curves guide you through the space, eventually toward the generous styling suite. To allow the open zone to breathe, Golden uses negative space and a minimalist layout reminiscent of an art gallery. Golden’s design seeks to facilitate an exploration of accessories, homewares and objects alongside Viktoria+Woods’ collection. 

    Vik & Woods Chadstone by Golden | Photography by Timothy Kaye

    “Our intention.. was to present a calming contrast to the intensity of its surroundings.”


    – Kylie Dorotic, GOLDEN

    Vik & Woods Chadstone by Golden | Photography by Timothy Kaye

    Kloke by Studio Goss

    Melbourne CBD

    Kloke founders Amy and Adam Coombes approached Studio Goss to design their inner city Melbourne flagship store. The Melbourne-based clothing brand has a refined and functional design ethos, creating contemporary pieces that balance honesty and playfulness. David Goss worked with Kloke to develop a palette influenced by Brutalist architecture, resulting in a monochrome, textural interior.

    A ‘portal’ from the ceiling acts as a faux skylight, casting a soft glow over the curated collection hanging from curved metal rods below. Custom concrete plinths create robust display stands while Mahogany timber and lush greenery soften the store’s Brutalist aesthetic.

    Kloke by Studio Goss | Photography by Ben Glezer

    Venroy by Sarah I’Anson Interiors

    Armadale, Melbourne

    Situated in one of Melbourne’s historic shopping hubs – High street, Armadale – Venroy manifests the essence of the sophisticated travel apparel it houses. Each Venroy store seeks to transport those who visit to an aspirational destination. For the brand’s first Victorian store, Sarah I’Anson designed a space reminiscent of Mediterranean villas, in particular, the Mallorcan holiday home of renowned Sydney designer Jørn Utzon.

    Venroy Armadale’s textural interior features sandy limestone walls, sisal, American oak, coir, and linen. Together with the striking vintage burl console from The Vault Sydney and Henry Wilson Pillar lamp, the materials enhance the coastal aesthetic and echo the textural clothing pieces on display.

    Venroy by Sarah L’Anson | Photography by Tom Ross

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