Hidden Storage in the Bedroom

  • We explore how to make a bedroom work smarter with concealed modern storage solutions which strike the perfect balance between refined form and practical functionality.

    Offering rest at the end of the day and revitalisation when we wake to face the world; the bedroom is so much more than just a place to lay our heads. Promoting a good night’s sleep means investing in a good bed, but it also means considering how other furniture elements within this personal space work together to create a harmonious atmosphere.

    No matter what the footprint size, a peaceful night’s sleep always starts with a clutter-free bedroom, which is why selecting the appropriate storage solutions can ensure order and organisation don’t detract from bedtime comfort.

    From the organic curves of the Fleur ottoman bench, and the smart innovation of the Jasper bed to the modern shapes of the Serenade bedside table, there’s a cohesion that applies across all of these silhouettes and a material palette that contributes to building a tranquil and contemporary bedroom space.

    With five decades of Australian design history backing them, we’ve enlisted the expertise of King to explore how incorporating furniture pieces with built-in storage can transform your primary suite or guest bedroom into a modern-day sanctuary.

    Produced in partnership with King

    A Luna chair complements the Jasper bed.

    Form and function combine with the Serenade bedside table.

    The Clever Companion

    Not only does a night table help to anchor the bed frame, but it also serves a functional purpose by keeping our carafe of water, favourite books, journal and personal belongings close to hand. A bedside table with additional drawer storage, like the Serenade bedside table from King, also keeps unused and personal items tucked neatly out of sight.

    Depth, height and material composition shouldn’t be overlooked when coordinating a bedside table with the bed, and the Serenade bedside table’s durable marble top, timber shelving space and generous deep drawer storage ensure aesthetics and practicality are both at play here. Perfectly paired with the King bed range, the Serenade is available in three signature timber finishes to match the bed frame.

    The walk-in-robe space features the Fleur ottoman bench.

    The Covert Cabinet

    The Jasper bed from King expresses effortless sophistication in the bedroom. Its grand footprint is offset with a sleek, low profile, while integrated storage allows items to be kept close at hand – yet discretely tidied away.

    The timber platform reveals an easy-to-reach bench and concealed compartment, making it the perfect spot to rest your pre-bedtime herbal tea, reading glasses or book. At the same time, the optional functionality of wireless charging offers a simple convenience alongside additional smart lights.

    Customised timber panelling on the Jasper bed complements the Serenade bedside table.

    State-of-the-Art Slumber

    This fundamental furniture item is the pièce de résistance within the bedroom and directs the surrounding pieces within the space. It’s also the one item that needs to guarantee a good night’s sleep, which is why innovation in design, craftsmanship, and comfort are all central elements of a modern-day bed.

    The Australian-designed Jasper bed by King ticks all of these boxes. As well as its discreetly concealed bedside compartments, it can be effortlessly levered up on gas struts to reveal generous internal storage space. This functionality is ideal for storing bulky winter blankets, quilts, pillows or any unused seasonal clothing items, making it a perfect design solution when storage space is tight. This unique attribute also allows for easy bed making by eliminating the need to bend down.

    Featuring an elegant padded bedhead and engineered steel frame, backed by the King 25-year Steel Frame Warranty also means the Jasper bed delivers on comfort and durability.

    A Luna chair makes for an ideal accent chair.

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