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  • Outwardly focussed, LAB House sits unnaturally, yet comfortably, within the deep, dense forest as a unique observatory of sorts. Studio Arthur Casas combine weighted and linear forms in contrast to the natural elements, offering a balanced place of refuge.

    Sitting as a unique and seemingly solitary element amongst the tree canopies, LAB House combines natural materials with weighted materiality to solidify its place among the soft landscape. Set among Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, the home’s generosity of scale is proposed as a match to the site’s grandeur and the enviable and elevated positioning with views out toward the ocean.

    Natural stone walls are left uncovered and raw as a textural balance to the smoother and refined finishes throughout.

    Creating its own aperture to the surrounding views, the long linear nature of the stacked volumes positions the outlook from the interior as framing a series of animated scenes across the site.

    As an exercise in pushing materials to help enhance the experience of a space, elongated cantilevered gestures within the home allow the outer facade to fall away from view. With the solidity of the main structural blade walls supporting and anchoring the home to its foundations, extensive glass and operable façade features ensure a true sense of immersion.

    Throughout, a combination of natural materials ensures the insertion of the home feels both appropriate and responsive. Timber and textured plastered walls add warmth, along with natural uncovered stone revealing a raw and roughened surface that also absorbs the changing light throughout the day. The heaviness of these materials increases the overall thermal mass, while its openness encourages an engagement with the elements.

    The sculptural fireplace is the only element standing between the interior and the expanse beyond, with the setting sun in the distance warming the home’s neutral tones.

    Burrowing the more passive retreat spaces on the lower levels, the bedrooms are intentionally reclusive and secluded. The upper levels, however, are reserved for a more open occupation and are more outward facing, with a free flow of movement beyond the building’s edge into the surrounding terrace spaces.

    LAB House emphasises its opportune location, seeing Studio Arthur Casas draw inspiration for the resulting palette from the forest it sits within, allowing the senses to be enlivened.

    The expansive outdoor terrace allows the building to peel away and reveal exposed platforms that cantilever out into the forest below while soaking in the sun from above.

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