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  • We’ve just launched the latest issue of est magazine: Design Renaissance.

    Spaces Reimagined, Redesigned, Reborn

    The Renaissance is remembered as a historical period of learning, innovation and creativity. It was an intrinsic backdrop to this issue – ‘Design Renaissance: The New Spirit of Home’ – as we reconsidered how we live through an open and confident expression of ideas. Every home in this issue has seen a reimagining of sorts, becoming the site for questioning, preserving and reinterpreting the old.

    Appreciating how a home can foster a sense of reconnection for the self, we include a cross-section of the world’s best bathrooms in ‘Bathroom Blueprint’ and, at the same time, present 30 Bathroom products, fixtures, lighting products and materials to know in 2022.

    Recognising what has been done doesn’t always have to be; this issue is a rendition of, and impetus for, a new creative era.

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