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  • We’re lifting interior paint ideas from different corners of the globe with an emphasis on soft neutrals, deep greens and rich clay hues.

    This winter we’re spending more time than ever indoors – and as we look inwards, we know a lick of paint is the ideal way to refresh our home’s interiors. In both Australian projects and further abroad, designers have embarked on a gradual shift from cool to warm tones. Blue-based greys are transitioning into beige, and greens are becoming warmer with increased yellow pigments.

    Taking inspiration from the creamy neutral tones in the Beige Apartment in Ukraine by Evgeniy Bulatnikov and Emil Dervish, we’re narrowing in on a selection of winter interior paint colours by Tint – from velvety pastels to vivid viridescent tones. 

    This feature originally appeared in est magazine issue #37 and is produced in partnership with Tint.

    The Beige Apartment by  Evgeniy Bulatnikov and Emil Dervish


    This deeply-saturated taupe hue is the perfect balance of warm and cool undertones, commonly found in European homes. Tint CEO and co-founder Djordje Dikic says they look to Europe when analysing their colour data around the world and it’s here they often find unsaturated tones like Taupedo. “We tend to see more earthy colours in Amsterdam and Denmark,” Djordje says. “Lots of grey tones and shades of minimal clay-like browns.” 

    Bubble Bath

    In recent years, an evolution in colours has pushed us away from cooler tones as our desire for comfort and natural materials grows. Saturated blues have subtly become dustier, like Tint’s Bubble Bath – a delicate colour for a children’s playroom or bedroom.

    Sunken Treasure

    The muted Sunken Treasure is bold enough to use throughout a room without feeling heavy. Djordje says colours like Sunken Treasure are adapted from their Pico colour scanning technology, driving a tailored and curated colour collection. 


    Moody grey-brown colours like Kong create warmth in the home, as a feature wall or through an entire space. Paired with white and grey – which can be stark alone – camel and brown tones soften a space to create a cosy and comforting interior.


    Tint’s Puddle is a rich grey with a subtle hint of green; a subdued shade sure to evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity in the home. Walking the line between green and grey, this dulled olive tone is slowly becoming the new neutral.

    Jungle Look

    Jungle Look lets your interiors bring the earthen colours of outside, inside. Pair Jungle Look with wooden furniture and natural materials like cane and rattan to create a relaxing sanctuary indoors.

    Proxima b

    Proxima B’s rich and tonal green hue reflects Tint’s seasonal palette inspired by the elements such as leaves, sand, wood and clay. Green tones like Proxima B are associated with energy, optimism and joy.

    Alter Ego

    A deep sea-green with a blue undertone, Alter Ego packs a punch – while still offering flexibility with furniture, fittings and fixtures. Jewel tones like Alter Ego work exceptionally well with a palette of yellows and blues.

    After Dark

    The mysterious After Dark brings a moody and sophisticated aesthetic, creating striking contrast when paired with white skirting boards and architraves. 

    The Beige Apartment by  Evgeniy Bulatnikov and Emil Dervish

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