Concrete Ceiling Apartment

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      The creative agency behind this concrete ceiling apartment, Crosby Studios, specialises in design concept and creation in their Moscow based studio. The small team, founded by Harry Nuriev and Dmitry Vorontsov, prefers to work holistically on projects, overseeing all stages of the design process. The prolific studio not only designs architecture and interiors but also creates brand identity, strategy, graphic and web design, events and publishing services for their clients.



    Above: The open-plan kitchen features curved white laminate joinery with a simple plywood counter-top that cantilevers over the edge enabling a joint breakfast bar and functional area. Black Enea Lottus stools and terracotta pot plants add a homely feel.



    As a testament to Crosby Studios multifaceted skills, the 590 square-foot original Soviet-era style apartment was completely gutted and transformed into a light-filled, modern oasis for their young clients. “In the early stages of the project, we decided on a light modern style, reminiscent of apartments and workshops of the Soviet intelligentsia. Some walls are white to contrast the other rough, unplastered walls. We decided to keep some of the walls and partitions ‘nude'” explains founder, Dmitry Vorontsov.

    The resulting aesthetic is a refined take on Brutalist architecture, featuring prominent textures both new and old; exposed rough plaster, painted brick, rust-washed concrete and lime washed oak herringbone floors. Custom art and furnishings from the Crosby Art Department add the final touches.



    Above: The long white dresser at the end of the living area acts as a fresh contrast to the plaster wall and as the focal point in the living room, this minimal piece sets a perfect backdrop for the couple’s art and collectibles.




    Above: The textural finishes found in the apartment scream approachable, no-fuss luxury. In the bedroom, the rough wall surface adds another dimension and is perfectly framed by the painted black windowsill, accentuating the picturesque exterior. And to top it all off; the always essential crushed bedlinen detail…


    Above: The neutral tones of the oak herringbone floor, rough plastered wall and brass floor lamp all work in perfect, undone harmony.


    Author: Lauren Brown

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