Changing the World From the Kitchen

  • Forget the garage, Cosentino knows the next world-changing ideas will be made in the kitchen. We explore how the Spanish-owned company’s surfaces are doing just that – raising the bar for sustainable innovation.

    The kitchen is central to our homes and how we live, work and play. Recognising the kitchen’s significance in improving our lifestyle, Cosentino also understands the kitchen’s role in our propensity for change when considering our health and the health of our planet. A leader in sustainable, high-performance, low silica kitchen surfaces, Cosentino presents a new era for design with their HybriQ® technology, a hybrid formula that blends premium minerals with recycled materials – leading to the development of the new Silestone®.

    Through a move that focuses on “a more human way of living”, we explore how HybriQ® technology and the carbon-neutral Silestone® Sunlit Days series are changing the game for the future of kitchen design.

    Produced in partnership with Cosentino

    Silestone® Faro White benchtop and backsplash.

    Silestone® by Cosentino has become a hybrid mineral kitchen surface of choice for architects and designers globally over the past 30 years for its consistent aesthetic, durability, and ease of maintenance. Silestone® was also one of the first brands to launch colour in the kitchen through their countertops. And when put to the test, the non-porous Silestone® surfaces are resistant to coffee, wine and oil stains and equally resistant to hard objects such as pots and trays. 

    Commitment to the evolution of Silestone® is evident through the development and use of HybriQ® technology which blends premium raw minerals, quartz and recycled glass. Describing their new production process as “an environmental success story”, Silestone® is now made using 99 per cent recycled water and 100 per cent renewable energy. The new technology also reduces the presence of crystalline silica to a maximum of 50 per cent, without losing the hardwearing, stain resistance qualities synonymous with Silestone®.

    Silestone® Cala Blue benchtop and backsplash.

    Silestone® Arcilla Red benchtop and backsplash.

    Going one step further, the carbon-neutral Silestone® Sunlit Days series is a case study of Cosentino’s commitment to the circular economy and environmental responsibility. Inspired by the Mediterranean’s evocative colours, light and way of life, the Silestone® Sunlit Days matt surface series is composed of ‘nostalgic’ yet ‘fresh’ colours; Faro White, Cala Blue, Posidonia Green, Arcilla Red and Cincel Grey. The series also sees Cosentino offset through reforestation projects and a partnership programme with Equilibrio Marino, a non-for-profit environmental organisation dedicated to preserving Mediterranean marine life. 

    Tapping into the colour of the Mediterranean, Silestone® Faro White is designed to instil a sense of tranquillity, embodying the architecture typical of the region and how the all-white exteriors reflect sunlight. Silestone® Cala Blue calls on the Mediterranean sea and how it invokes all of the senses. The pungent blue reflects Cosentino’s legacy of colour in the kitchen, designed to capture the sea’s depth – and its infinite horizon. As the name suggests, Silestone® Posidonia Green goes below to explore the green of the seabed and our connection with nature, while Silestone® Arcilla Red embodies the rich and grounding terracotta colour of the earth. Finally, Silestone® Cincel Grey is a foundational neutral that appears both warm and cool, depending on the textures it’s paired with. 

    As the new Silestone® series and HybriQ® technology remind us of our connection to and respect for the world around us, they challenge us to rethink the kitchen’s role in our well-being and our future. Cosentino understands that when it comes to changing the world, it’s only natural this revolution starts in the kitchen. 

    Silestone® Posidonia Green benchtop and backsplash.

    Silestone® Cincel Grey benchtop and backsplash.

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