Taipei Residence by Lawless & Meyerson

  • An elevation of apartment living, Taipei Residence occupies an entire floor to combine luxurious finishes with an openly connected approach to life. Lawless & Meyerson propose a home of lasting resonance, with neutral tones of beautifully rich and inviting warmth.

    Generously spread across 350sqm, the apartment spans the average home in scale, becoming its own home in the sky. Starting from an empty and unoccupied shell, the home is imagined and built from the ground up and sees layers of rich and textural diversity sit among more controlled and structural elements.

    A Rakumba Typography pendant sits above the dining area as a sculptural addition, drawing the eye upward. Flexibility and grandeur were key to the planning of the home, allowing for large and long gatherings, with entertaining as a key focus. Surrounding the Christophe Delcourt dining table is a set of Living Divani Era chairs.

    The central island sees stone wrapped over and down the sides, with aligned accessed joinery from both the front and back – ensuring the overall form remains prominent and monolithic, and the amenity becomes hidden. The kitchen features a Boffi kitchen mixer. 

    Home to its internationally versed and travelled owner, the brief called for a contemporary and understated interior that departed from the traditional design of the area. Wanting to combine local materials in a more refined and heightened manner, the approach uses restraint in bringing the elements together.

    A timeless and enduring series of finishes and gestures are integrated throughout to create an anchoring in place, focusing on longevity and avoiding fashion. The combined warmth of neutral hues and textural elements adds subtlety that feels unexpected culturally, and yet is welcomed by the owner and the home they wanted to create.

    Clean lines run both vertically and horizontally throughout, extending the perception of scale and volume from within.

    The mirrored nook features a Living Divani Nina stool.

    Moving throughout the home, an overwhelming sense of calm takes over. While a place of pride and for entertaining on occasion, the home, like most homes, is a place to retreat from the world and recharge. The palette and composition of linear elements ensure this is a natural and organic feeling.

    Referred to as the ‘Manhattan of Taipei’, the apartment sits within the XingYi province above some other 13 apartments below as a crowning of its potential. Part European influenced, Taipei Residence feels comparable in experience to some of the most envied hotel destinations globally, seeing Lawless & Meyerson imbed a familiarity that speaks to a global connection and appreciation for the finer things.

    The bedroom features the Maxalto Alcova bed.

    The Knoll Platner stool in the wardrobe.

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