The Boathouse on Satellite Island

  • Hidden away in a sheltered pocket of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Southern Tasmania, we escape to a private island retreat through the lens of coveted travel photographer Kara Rosenlund.

    Only accessible via a private boat from Bruny Island, Satellite Island is one of Tasmania’s best-kept secrets – and that’s exactly how owners Kate and Will Alstergren want to keep it. Originally belonging to Will’s uncle, Ian Alstergren, who bought it in the 1960s as a base for his writing and painting pursuits, the island opened to visitors in 2013.

    After visiting the island in 2013 for a chapter of her book ‘Shelter’, Kara Rosenlund returned to the island in 2019 with her family to photograph the site and reconnect with nature once again.

    The two-bedroom boathouse sits on a small jetty over the water, making up one of the three accommodation spots on the island. When you hire Satellite Island, you have exclusive access to use of all the island accommodation, which also includes a luxury bell tent and a larger three-bedroom house.

    Guests have full access to the organic veggie patch and orchard, and the plentiful egg supply from the free-range chickens. There is also a constant abundance of oysters and fresh fish from just off the jetty. While you’re encouraged to bring your own staples, there is a fully-stocked pantry with Tasmania’s finest produce, as well as a packed spirits cabinet.

    The island is all about slowing down and enjoying life’s simple things. Whether it’s diving for mussels or watching the sunset across the Southern Ocean at Last Glimpse Point, Satellite Island offers a grounding sense of wholesomeness where you’re left to your own devices.

    Mesmerised by the island’s rugged beauty on her first visit, Kara knew she had to take her family to the island to relive the one-of-a-kind experience. With its pristine waters and native wildlife, a stay in Satellite Island is a truly unique and rare opportunity – a secluded hideaway which is all yours to explore.

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