Chaptal Residence by Nathalie Eldan Architecture

  • Nathalie Eldan Architecture breathe new life into a heritage building in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Nouvelle Athènes.

    Designed for a young couple relocating from London to Paris, the Chaptal apartment is located in the residential neighbourhood of Nouvelle Athènes, remaining untouched for more than 60 years. Characterised by its artistic influence in the 19th century that continues today, the province is renowned for its live music scene and busy corner cafes. Quintessentially Parisian, the apartment is situated in a row of iconic Haussmann buildings, all alike with their recognisable sandstone facade, iron railing and decorative mouldings. 

    The home now embodies a soothing sense of elegance through its original features, successfully preserved by the team at Nathalie Eldan Architecture.

    A home with these generous proportions is a rare find in the heart of Paris; comprising of an existing spacious living room, open kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a walk-in robe, a study and a laundry.

    With the importance of maintaining these structural divisions at hand, the layout of the home was enhanced to meet the entertaining needs of the client. Custom-designed storage acts as a buffer between the master bedroom and the main living area, providing privacy when required, without feeling enclosed.

    The overarching theme of the refurbishment was to create a space that felt like a home, avoiding trends and overcomplicating the design. Achieved through a subtle spectrum of white, washed timber and brass accents, the original flooring and mouldings were retained alongside pared-back finishes to fulfill the timeless intention.

    Playfully-coloured terrazzo in the bathroom contrasts the restrained colour palette, while brass electrical hardware, light fixtures and cabinetry handles enrich the architectural details. This is complemented by personal touches in the library and the custom-designed, built-in entrance window bench.

    Through a precisely-curated colour palette, Nathalie Eldan Architecture have revived the bones of a charming late 19th-century building in an enviable location.

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