Beach Residence by Studio Piet Boon

  • Dutch design practice Studio Piet Boon draw inspiration from the tropical Caribbean island of Bonaire to design a family’s beachfront home.

    On a sloping site between the street and the ocean, Beach Residence is designed in harmony with its seaside context. The building’s different levels form the structural identity of the design; a humble one-storey home from the street view that opens up to a two-storey villa overlooking the beach. 

    Characterised by a fusion of modern and traditional elements, the Beach Residence by Studio Piet Boon celebrates Caribbean villa style with the studio’s signature aesthetic. 

    The kitchen features premium Miele appliances.

    The dining room features the MINNE Dining Chair, designed by Studio Piet Boon.

    A pitched wooden roof frames the main volume and the pavilion, respecting the architecture of the neighbouring homes. Due to the home’s close proximity to the ocean, the villa is built with locally-sourced natural materials. “We used wood and coral, as they can withstand the salty air, are low maintenance and age beautifully at the same time,” studio founder Piet Boon says.

    In reference to the Caribbean way of life, a connection to the outdoors has been established through panoramic views of the sea in the communal areas of the home. An unsaturated colour palette of dark timber, grey and white is consistent throughout the home, forming the ultimate backdrop for the enviable vistas.

    “The Beach Residence has been designed for a client who lives on the island all year round,” Piet Boon says. “Most Caribbean villas we design are holiday homes – this residence isn’t, but the clients still wanted to have that hotel feeling.”

    Studio Piet Boon have placed emphasis on linking spaces through materials and textures wherever possible, resulting in a cohesive and unified interior. Chocolate panelled joinery features in the kitchen, living and dining spaces and red timber ceiling panels seamlessly flow through the living room and into the expansive outdoor entertaining area.

    The Nanny Rocking Chair, designed by Nanna Ditzel for Sika Design overlooking the water.

    Outside, the large balcony makes way for an outdoor covered dining setting; the perfect place to congregate with family and friends. Below the wooden steps, a large deck trails out into a floor-lit pier along the crystal blue water. Small green hedges and palm trees are dotted around the backyard, tapping into the desired ‘hotel feeling’ requested by the clients.

    Studio Piet Boon have designed a permanent home that feels like a holiday every day of the year. Renowned for their highly-personalised residential projects, Studio Piet Boon’s Beach Residence successfully reflects its pristine natural landscape, layered with bespoke ‘hotel’ luxuries. 

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