Caribbean Villa by Piet Boon

  • If like us, you pine for a taste of island luxury to escape the daily grind we have just the place you’re looking for. Piet Boon Bonaire is the epitome of low-key island chic and laid-back atmosphere, designed by a master of contemporary design. Located on the island of Bonaire – the ‘B’ in the the ABC Islands of the Caribbean Sea – the collection of eight separate villas are an unmistakably stylish way to kick back and relax.

    DESIGN Piet Boon

    To say the five villas are situated on the beachfront would be an understatement – they are quite literally on the sand to the beach. Two in particular offer the guest a direct path from door to ocean, while the three other villas are slightly further back back from the beach but still with undeniable style and each containing private terraces and pools. The architecture of the complex is inspired by the local “kunuku” houses and is designed to take advantage of the island breezes and provide a flowing quality to all of the rooms. The facades portray a neutral earthy palette, and use of natural materials in surrounding gardens and outdoor seating give the spaces an unpretentious aesthetic. Inside the spaces are typical of Piet Boon’s minimalist style, with stone floors, white walls and plenty of natural lighting throughout.  An abundance of natural wood and greenery are threaded seamlessly through the villas, adding to the rustic setting.

    The furnishings are plush and inviting, with many communal areas for larger groups to enjoy or areas to crawl up with a book for a few hours. The rustic, open plan kitchen makes for a communal point of the villa, with a large natural wood dining table and a stone kitchen island acting as centrepieces. Elegant grey couches are scattered throughout the many living and entertaining areas with accents of driftwood and large ornamental shells on display – wherever you want to stop and sit, there seems to be a space waiting for you to do so. Best of all, hammocks are scattered throughout the spaces, simply just begging you to spend an hour or five in them.

    For those who aren’t satisfied to simply lounge in a hammock or soak in the pool, there’s plenty of onsite facilities including a spa with massages available and recreational activities such as snorkelling and diving that can also be arranged through the villa. The more active-minded will enjoy the plethora of water sports on offer (such as sailing and kayaking), and hiking or mountain biking is a memorable way to take in the local scenery.  For something different you could take a trip to The Cadushy Distillery to sample unique liqueurs made from cactus plants from the area. Whatever your itinerary, this villa is sure to have your troubles melting away in an instant with its flowing energy and sophisticated chilled atmosphere.

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