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  • At Home with Nickolas Gurtler

    Interior designer Nickolas Gurtler opens the doors to his newly refurbished apartment in Melbourne’s Richmond, revealing his space-saving innovation and all of the special objects within.

    Nickolas Gurtler shares his inner-city home with his cat Berkeley. Their home articulates a worldly glamour characteristic of the residential projects designed by Nickolas Gurtler and his team.

    est first discovered their clear-cut aesthetic in the KBS Residence, where lighting and natural stone become jewellery, articulating a balance of refined materials and iconic pieces. It’s this luxurious aesthetic that finds new meaning in Nickolas’ home – to which he describes as a point of tension between full-on glamour and restrained European minimalism. A fusion of textures, standout colours and paired-back composition, Nickolas offers est an exclusive tour through his curated space to detail all of its idiosyncrasies. 

    The apartment is an efficient use of space with carefully executed built-in joinery. Nickolas champions his built-in joinery as the piece of the puzzle that makes his home feel tailored and organised. “I’ve also furnished the space appropriately by being very discerning with scale,” he says. He admits this is often at times, an overlooked technique when it comes to space-saving. “I’ve selected pieces and custom-designed others that are appropriately-sized and allow for negative space around them.”

    The designer and his team are known for not being shy with decadent materials and finishes. In his own apartment, Nickolas experimented with luxurious textures such as marble, brass, velvet and lacquer, balancing them with earthy colours and elements. He describes this mingling of materials as rich and layered – but also comfortable and warm. I’m also heavily inspired by the late 70s and early 80s which manifested itself in things like the burnt orange velvet, brass and lacquer,” he adds.

    At Home with Nickolas Gurtler

    The living space also features the Solace Chair by Lost Profile Studio, custom Prometheus IV table lamp by Christopher Boots, Frequency Vase by Kelly Wearstler for George Jensen and Acropolis side table Nickolas designed, made by Silverstream Constructions.

    At Home with Nickolas Gurtler

    Notable art in the living room includes the silver gelatin print by Herb Ritts, painting by Nunzio Marino and CNC foam artwork by Tom Adair.

    At Home with Nickolas Gurtler

    The living space is where Nickolas enjoys spending most of his time. “It’s filled with objects, furniture and art that I find really beautiful and I’ll often just sit and look at a lamp or side table when I need to relax or feel inspired,” he says. The sumptuous burnt orange velvet Agent 86 sofa by Grazia & Co. was the starting point for the entire space, which Nickolas loves for its clean linear forms and plush velvet texture. Next to the sofa lies the Acropolis side table Nickolas designed for a client and then prototyped for himself. “It’s inspired by the Doric columns on the Parthenon in Athens,” he says. “I think the contemporary take on this ancient form works really well for a side table.” 

    While all of the objects all have a personally-significant story in Nickolas’ living space, it’s the customised Prometheus IV table lamp by Christopher Boots that’s particularly special. Nickolas commissioned the lamp for his 30th birthday, approaching Christopher with his idea, to put his own spin on one of his existing pieces. A long-standing fan of Christopher’s work, Nickolas says it was a special moment when he unwrapped the muslin cloth for the first time. “I often stare the lamp, captivated by the beautiful light that it creates; it’s almost hypnotic,” he says.

    A notable art piece in the living space is the silver-gelatin print by Herb Ritts that Nickolas picked up in New York a few years ago. “I love the dark glamour of the photograph,” he avows.

    It’s the bedroom where Nickolas feels nurtured in his home, describing the space as enveloping and cosy. He designed the four-poster bed for a project a few years ago and kept the prototype himself. “The rope headboard is such an interesting graphic and it somehow works inside the small room with its openness,” he says. The bedside lamp designed by Lost Profile Studio illuminates the room with soft, diffused light, who also designed the Solac chair in the living room.  

    Nickolas Gurtler’s apartment manifests his eye for evocative, moody and tactile style, permeating every inch of the compact space – and every unique design piece in between. 

    At Home with Nickolas Gurtler
    At Home with Nickolas Gurtler

    The kitchen features a Neo Lantern by Apparatus Studio.

    At Home with Nickolas Gurtler
    In the bedroom, Nickolas designed the Arachne four-poster bed. Next to the bed is a Calacatta Viola pedestal by Just Adele, Distance table lamp in aged brass by Lost Profile Studio and a lump of Pyrite crystal the designer picked up at the National History Museum in London.
    Nickolas Gurtler

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