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  • Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Dutch designer Niels Maier’s latest project reminds us that a minimal design approach will stand the test of time. 

    While Amsterdam’s architectural genre frequently leans toward austere, this site is an escape from its eclectic context. Like many of Niels’ projects, the home expresses minimalism through a layered palette, combining natural materials and bespoke joinery with iconic furniture pieces to form a deep connection with those who reside there.

    Curvy Minimalism

    Maintaining the original structure, the renovation embraces the home’s charm through a modern lens. With an interior approach that Niels labels ‘curvy minimalism,’ the designer favours ‘architectural comfort’, looking to details that are felt rather than seen. For example, the home’s acoustic ceiling is concealed, filtering noise and enhancing the feeling of calmness.

    Material Mix

    Niels sees the home’s palette as a ‘purist’ canvas, blending finishes such as concrete, natural stone and timber. The private spaces feature lime paint and grey joinery, and in the communal areas, rich materials create a sense of comfort and warmth. “This palette, in combination with the lighting plan, creates a nice interplay between day and evening,” Niels says.

    The PP Møbler Flag Halyard Chair compliments deep timber floorboards.

    The Kitchen

    Niels’ exploration of material and form culminates in the kitchen. Described as the ‘masterpiece’ of the home, the kitchen is the designer’s favourite space. The cast concrete washbasin was a first for the firm to spotlight craftsmanship and materiality. Dark timber joinery envelopes the space, offset by curved edges. A sculptural fireplace acts as a dividing wall between the kitchen and other public spaces, maintaining zones but providing a sense of fluidity throughout.

    Amsterdam home by Niels Maier highlights comfort and craftsmanship in an entirely minimal way to create a soothing escape for the inhabitants.

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