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  • We explore an evocative colour palette through designer paint collaborations. 

    Iconic architect Le Corbusier famously said, “colour is an incredibly effective triggering tool. Colour is a factor of our existence.” In this Nine to Know, we explore the idea of colour’s role in design through paint – tracing how shades interact with each other and trigger our emotions.

    This feature originally appeared in est magazine issue #43

    Melbourne-based artist and photographer Bobby Clark created this burgundy shade for Tint in her Colourful Language Project collection. Bobby’s Blobby comes from the deep red colour prominent in her works, described as a ‘curious mix of earthy luxury’.

    Les Couleurs 32120 was created by Le Corbusier for their Architectural Polychromy. The red ochre and brown colour is one of 63 shades in the collection, comprised of the designers’ colour palettes from 1931 and 1959.

    Fashion designer Karen Walker brought Quarter Heathered Grey to the Resene collection. Karen’s paint chart took inspiration from Bauhaus in the 1920s, whose concept was to combine colours and tell a story from an emotional point of view.

    Sibella Court created Amulet with Murobond as part of the Travellers and Magicians collection, alongside 12 different paint collections inspired by her travels and experiences.

    Another striking tone from Karen Walker’s paint collection with Resene, Shadowy Blue, is a deep, oily midnight shade.

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