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  • Embedded in the hills of Crete, Greece architects Block 722 deliver a bespoke residential design that celebrates the history of art and architecture. 

    Founded by architect Sotiris Tsergas and interior designer Katja Margaritoglou, the Hill House is Block 722’s latest project located on the northern foothills of Thrypti mountain. Balancing a contemporary design with a deep appreciation for heritage and craftsmanship, the residence soaks up views of the Mediterranean sea and sloping mountains. The design expresses harmony through its relationship to landscape and consideration of tectonics, materials and form.

    The Hill House features predominantly custom designed and made furniture and finishes (by Block 722 and other local artisans), imparting a bespoke, highly-crafted character to it.

    The living room features a Pantelis Chandris Sculpture ‘Post-Landscape’ in hard porcelain plaster with embedded lighting. The artwork is accompanied by the Block 722-designed ISA coffee table and a custom wall lamp, manufactured by Un.processed Realities. The Desiree Divani Karin lounge chair also features.

    The 280m2 home comprises two main stone volumes linked by shading and moats. The sloped site naturally draws eyes to the views, underpinned by a texturally-rich palette of stone, wood, and plaster.

    The Block 722 design philosophy is deeply connected to the traditions of Greek culture and the connection between architecture and art. The design execution of their philosophy is prominent in the local selection of artwork, furniture, fittings and materials. Mounted in the living room is the artwork by Pantelis Chandris, ‘Post Landscape.’ The sculpture introduces light and texture into the living area while upholding the design philosophy of art and architecture.

    Block 722’s attention to detail – from the locally crafted pieces to the landscaping – reflects a holistic approach to architecture, demonstrating the architect’s traditional role as the master builder. The home’s cohesivity and composition indicate a level of considered curation, resulting in an artistic and architectural place for living.

    The bathroom features a sink, mirrors, cabinets and wall lamps custom-designed by Block 722, manufactured by Giorgos Houlakis and Un.processed Realities. 

    Block 722 have selected the DEDON TIBBO armchair for the outdoor dining area.

    The Hill House balances a minimalist, contemporary interior with rustic materials and a stone facade.  

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