A Textural Take on Engineered Stone

  • Engineered stone pioneers Dekton recreate the textural beauty of Venetian stucco plaster through five versatile shades in their latest collection, Kraftizen.

    Introduced in 2013 by Spanish-born and owned engineered stone company Cosentino, Dekton is an ultra-compact surface composed of natural quartz stone, porcelain, glass and minerals and fused and compressed under high heat. The hardwearing material is resistant to UV, scratches, stains and thermal shock; allowing application to be explored beyond the kitchen to facades, walls, floors and cabinetry.

    Dekton have pledged 100 per cent carbon neutrality throughout the lifecycle of their products, from raw material sourcing to end-of-life. The surfaces are also manufactured with 100 per cent certified renewable electricity and 99 per cent recycled water.

    Inspired by the ‘beauty of craftsmanship’, the newest release from Dekton translates the appearance of Venetian stucco in five arresting colours; Albarium, Argentium, Nacre, Micron and Umber, each emulating a realistic ‘hand-trowelled’ effect. In this feature, we uncover the Kraftizen colourways in five unique kitchen designs. 

    Produced in partnership with Cosentino


    Argentium is the most accurate representation of stucco plaster from the Kraftizen collection with its soft trowel ‘markings’. Due to its strength and durability, large-format slabs can be placed on the floor with minimal joins, creating a sense of visual continuity and a cohesive material palette. When paired with walnut timber joinery, exposed ceiling beams and copper accessories, Argentium finds its place in a Belgian farmhouse-inspired kitchen.


    Nacre, also known as the mother of pearl, refers to the iridescent lining of a mollusc shell. As its name suggests, Nacre by Dekton is an elegant sandy-coloured material threaded with contrasting beige and white tones that capture and reflect the sunlight throughout the day. Seen with pearl grey joinery and timber furniture and offset by gunmetal lighting and tapware, Nacre is a versatile colour that complements both warm and cool hues.


    As the darkest colour in the Kraftizen collection, the moody, silvery-grey Micron works best with clean lines and monochromatic tones. Pale grey ceramics and tableware accentuate Micron’s lighter markings, while glossy black appliances and matte-black tapware establish a striking palette. Accents of oak inject subtle warmth while maintaining a Brutalist-inspired aesthetic.


    Aptly named after the natural earth pigment, Dekton’s Umber is a playful orange-red surface. The nature-inspired hue is faintly reminiscent of the terracotta lime mortar used widely in the south of Portugal. When coupled with cool mid-grey, Umber becomes the focal point in a kitchen. Handmade ceramics, indoor plants and curved furniture enhance the colour’s organic appeal.


    Albarium takes its name from the eponymous lime stucco historically made from marble dust in Roman times. Described as a ‘peaceful, powdery white colour’ Albarium features a slight trowelled texture and consistent colouring. The timeless surface is suited to a clean and contemporary interior palette, working in tandem with dark timber accents. At the same time, charcoal cabinetry and black fixtures cut through the dusky shade for contrast.

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