Green Gables Home by Studio Tate

  • Touring a reinvigorated Tudor-style beach house on a hill by Studio Tate, in the seaside town of Mt Martha.

    A home called ‘Green Gables’ already assumes a refined image but this is genuinely fitting for the house on a hill in Victoria’s Mt Martha. Soon to be joined by a contemporary residence on the same undulating block, the historic home was in need of a significant refresh to reinforce its iconic identity and restore its heritage details. Melbourne-based interior design practice Studio Tate was entrusted with the task to create a home to entertain in a stellar location.

    Admittedly, this wasn’t how the Green Gables home first came to our attention at est. The ‘invigorating renewal’ was curated by Otomys art gallery as a case study in using art in the context of interior design. White, soft and spacious the Green Gables home stays true to its roots while welcoming art, design icons and a sense of casual luxury fit for its beachside locale. 

    Tudor-style homes are characterised by solid brickwork, timber, a pitched roof that often overlaps and – most notably – front-facing, triangular gables. Entering Green Gables (that takes its name from this distinct architectural feature), a timber-lined dome ceiling above the stair void highlights the volume of the home. The front door now opens to these grand proportions, which Studio Tate introduced in the new layout. Further honouring the historic elements of the home, the staircases’ metal balustrades reference the geometric pattern on the house’s windows, with timber treads added to the steps. Special attention was also paid to the window architraves and matching these with contemporary lining boards.

    Selecting durable, high-quality materials was integral to the project, not just as an ode to the old but to prepare it for guest accommodation. The textures and shades selected were based around subtle seaside references, with a predominant palette of white, sand, nude and grey tones. While colour has been kept to a minimum, Studio Tate has paid tribute to the client’s favourite colour- mint green in the drawer and cupboard linings. Terrazzo in the bathroom, charcoal timber floors, oak cabinetry and tan leather chairs work together for a relaxed country-weekender-meets-beachside vibe.

    The light and bright scheme has enhanced the expansive feeling of the house, which was modified to include a larger ground floor. According to Studio Tate this really improved the overall layout of the home and its functionality, allowing a fluidity to characterise the kitchen and dining area. Not only providing an opportunity for decoration, but the strategically placed joinery also assists in gently directing circulation and segmentation of spaces. 

    Custom-designed joinery was a priority for Studio Tate. This spans a banquette window seat with metal mesh drawers and a custom-made bookshelf in the living room. Fitting to this emphasis on craftsmanship is the inclusion of renowned Danish brand Moller including the Moller stool and dining chairs and a Moller bench in the bathroom. Other design icons include the Spanish Chair and Tea Trolley 901.

    Studio Tate collaborated with lighting designers Glowing Structures to ensure the lighting was well-connected to the interior architecture, integrating feature lighting into the open shelving unit at the entryway. The firm also looked closely at the way art and interiors connect with Otomys Gallery. Green Gables features the works of Celia Gullett and Mark Tipple, beautifully accentuated by the white-timber panelled walls. 

    The Green Gables Home is now wholly reflective of its history, location and entertaining demands courtesy of Studio Tate and their considered approach. While it may soon be joined by a modern counterpart, Green Gables can definitely stand its ground on the hilltop when it comes to quality design.

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