Inside Armadillo’s New Gallery-like Showroom

  • Join us as we unveil Armadillo‘s first Australian retail store designed by esteemed architectural practice; Studio Goss.

    Luxury rug brand Armadillo has unveiled its flagship Sydney showroom in the vibrant design district of Surry Hills. At an impressive 385 square metres, this two-storey, gallery-like space is an immersive experience that beautifully captures the essence of the Armadillo brand and coincides with the brand’s ten-year anniversary.

    In celebrating Armadillo’s new retail space, we chatted exclusively with architect and principal director of Studio Goss; David Goss, to reveal the concept behind the design. We uncover the bespoke architectural elements that come with fostering a simple beauty through texture, tones and quality of handmade products. All of these elements informed and inspired this carefully-orchestrated retail space, designed to honour the brand’s luxurious range of rugs.

    Produced in partnership with Armadillo.

    Armadillo & Co - Sydney Showroom - Studio Goss

    Co-founders Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst collaborated with Studio Goss on the design of the retail space. Having both admired David’s unique, architecturally-sensitive aesthetic, the decision to work with David felt right from the beginning. “His sensory approach to texture, colour and finish, and the placement of those elements, just aligned beautifully with the tactile nature of our product,” says Jodie. “From the touch of our new poured concrete bar to the weight of the solid oak handrails; every detail of his is considered.”

    For the first time, the Armadillo showroom and head office share the one space, which has created a new dynamic where staff members become brand ambassadors. “We worked closely with Studio Goss to ensure that our company culture would be extended to the experience that visitors have when they walked through the doors of the showroom,” Sally explains. The new space mimics the brand, where simplicity, impeccable quality and a peaceful, understated luxury have all been considered to inspire people to bring Armadillo’s rugs to life in their own homes. “We wanted to create a sensory spatial environment that represents the Armadillo of today and the future, at the forefront of contemporary design,” Sally adds.

    Armadillo & Co - Sydney Showroom - Studio Goss

    Sources of inspiration for the space included the strong architectural framework and heavy texture of Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh. The gently textured surfaces of Vincent Van Duysen‘s C Penthouse and the incredible balance of form and texture in the Neuendorf House by John Pawson & Claudio Silvestrin also informed the palette. Prominent materials featured include poured concrete, glazed terracotta tiles, FSC-certified oak timber and solid brass fixtures. These quiet yet tactile surfaces harness the ephemeral quality of the natural light, which streams in through the six-metre tall shopfront windows.

    David puts the final design down to the power of a shared vision between Studio Goss and the Armadillo team. “The effortless collaborative process we experienced is evident in the sense of calm and balance in how the space has come together,” David says. Alongside a joint effort to scour the world to find key pieces that they all felt would help pull the vision together, David says the collaboration encouraged them to push certain elements further when necessary and know when to let go and maintain focus.

    Armadillo & Co - Sydney Showroom - Studio Goss
    Armadillo & Co - Sydney Showroom - Studio Goss

    “We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary, and this space embodies where Armadillo is headed in the next decade with an even more luxurious product offering and more personal, customisable design service.”


    – Sally Pottharst, Co-founder of Armadillo

    Armadillo & Co - Sydney Showroom - Studio Goss

    The store’s impressive re-clad exterior acts as a prelude for things to come. Two door handles bound in tan leather on a set of oversized glass doors greet guests as they enter and a large concrete bar in the double-height windows encourages them to sit down at the Menu Afteroom Barstools for a coffee. Above the bar a Hotaru Buoy Pendant Light sets a relaxed tone.

    Upstairs, the existing office space remained largely unchanged. However, the oak staircase was relocated to allow views from below to the communal meeting area which ensures a better flow and creates a sense of energy and life. Throughout the space, Armadillo’s rugs provide depth as they layer various walls and add both a natural palette of hues and a softness to each area.

    Armadillo & Co - Sydney Showroom - Studio Goss

    “One of the initial sources of inspiration came when we first visited the space and noticed the shadow-play and light quality that transforms the interior as the afternoon sun creates silhouettes of the street trees projected deep into the space.”


    – David Goss, Architect and Principal at Studio Goss.

    Armadillo & Co - Sydney Showroom - Studio Goss

    Evidence that great minds really do think alike; Armadillo alongside Studio Goss have beautifully articulated a vision that reinforces a holistic integration of design as an extension of the Armadillo brand. “David really conjured the emotion of the space,” Jodie says, perfectly summing up their symbiotic relationship. “The interior is at once soothingly intimate and undeniably luxurious; a true reflection of our brand’s design philosophy and application, that invites visitors to immerse themselves in this refuge from the outside world.”

    Armadillo & Co - Sydney Showroom - Studio Goss
    Armadillo & Co - Sydney Showroom - Studio Goss

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