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  • Rina Lovko Studio bring Paris to Ukraine with this light-filled, romantic apartment in the historic city of Kyiv.

    Ukraine-based interior design studio Rina Lovko were tasked with restoring this fourth-floor Kyiv apartment belonging to a young fashion creative. Overlooking a quiet park, with light streaming in through the leaves of the nearby trees, the apartment has the transportive feel of being somewhere in Paris. Natural textures, delicate details and a distinct sense of romance further support this vision of merging two beautiful cities as one.

    The apartment consists of mostly vintage furniture pieces sourced from all across Europe.

    The curtain cornices were made to measure; their design rhymed with the rounded angles between the ceiling and the walls.

    The Design Process

    The design process primarily involved removing the inner walls (which had endured irreparable damage from humanity and wood pests) and re-fortifying the internal structure. Consequently, the living spaces became far more bright and roomy, an airiness that extends to the private spaces as well.

    In the Detail

    The plaster walls were painted a light oatmeal colour, preserving their original texture, which closely resembles that of Parisian apartments. The right angle between the walls and ceiling was smoothed out as a nod to some of the old flats found in Kyiv.

    The designer stumbled across the 100-year-old Herringbone floorboards while searching for an alternative to the original parquet, and restored them in her studio before assembling them in the apartment. Her goal, she says, was to highlight the natural beauty of the wood –  leaving its imperfections untouched.

    The Private Spaces

    “We wanted to avoid ornamental plaster and any other direct quotations of Parisian style,” Rina says. The plaster detail on the ceiling above the bed hints at classic Parisian plaster ceilings only reimagined through a more modern lens. “It’s one of the most romantic details in the whole apartment.”

    The Bathroom turned out to be a very special place in the apartment,” Rina says. Everything was made to fit the space and the client’s lifestyle, from the hand-picked marble to the made-to-measure cabinet to the window above the sink. “The window was placed there so the client could do her morning beauty routine with a view,” Rina says while referencing the specific placement of the mirror on the left side. A glass partition and a soft tulle separate the bedroom from the bathroom, maintaining the apartment’s signature airiness and flow.

    A dining table made from deep-green Spanish marble creates a variation from the more soft, romantic details.

    Double doors open into the bedroom; a typical feature of Parisian apartments is having the private and living spaces so closely connected.

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