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Halcyon Lake Reuber Henning Twill 1 Terracotta

The Halcyon Lake Reuber Henning Twill 1 Terracotta is unique in that it’s meticulously woven diagonally, producing a reversible rug with a differently-toned front and back. Not only eye-catching with their rich colour palette, these flatweaves by Reuber Henning are also sustainably made to order using 100% pure New Zealand wool. The fair production of these pieces is certified by the Swiss label ‘Step’.With Twill, Reuber Henning pays tribute to Italian painter Giorgio Morandi and his world of colours. “Morandi’s work and its narrow colour spectrum, fine gradations and special charisma has fascinated me since I first came into contact with his paintings while studying art” says Franziska Reuber.

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