Nine to Know | Freeform Timber Coffee Tables

  • Characterised by their organic, sculptural forms, these nine freeform timber coffee tables emerge as one-of-a-kind design pieces.

    Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, each table celebrates the inherent beauty of timber. Transcending mere functionality, they are captivating focal points within contemporary living spaces.

    This instalment of our ‘Nine to Know’ series was first featured inside est magazine issue 50: Celebrating 50.

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    01. Benoît Viaene Floating Islands Coffee Table

    In a recent interview with est, Belgian designer Benoît Viaene named timber as one of his three favourite materials to work with, stating that “every type of timber has its own story”. His ‘Floating Islands’ coffee table combines an organic-shaped black timber base with a black stone top to create a distinctive and elegant design.

    02. Emmanuelle Simon Orma Coffee Table

    The ‘Orma’ coffee table, conceived by French designer Emmanuelle Simon, pays homage to jigsaw puzzles with its interlocking timber shapes that seamlessly fit together in a variety of configurations.

    03. Bohinc Studio Macaroon Coffee Table

    London-based furniture brand Bohinc Studio have designed a coffee table in stained ash that resembles a macaroon, with 14 perfectly-shaped spheres sandwiched between two round plates.

    04. Daniel Boddam Pipi Coffee Table

    Derived from the pipi clam, the shell-shaped tiers of Daniel Boddam’s ‘Pipi’ coffee table exemplify the brand’s commitment to incorporating nods to Australian flora and fauna into their designs.

    05. Liljencrantz Cloud Coffee Table

    Living up to its name, the ‘Cloud’ coffee table by Swedish design studio Liljencrantz is formed out of solid wood in a contrastingly fluid, cloud-like shape.

    06. Frama Farmhouse Coffee Table Pond

    Danish furniture brand Frama drew inspiration from the architectural elements of traditional farmhouses while designing this pond-shaped timber coffee table.

    07. Egg Designs Blessing Coffee Table

    The ‘Blessing’ coffee table by Egg Designs is crafted from blackened, textured African Mahogany, paying homage to the brand’s heritage while developing a distinctive hand-made feel.

    08. Widdicom Furniture Company Mesa Coffee Table

    The ‘Mesa’ coffee table was designed by British architect T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings in the 1950s and is meant to evoke the natural mesas of America’s south-west.

    09. HenryTimi HT413

    Italian furniture brand HenryTimi are known for their minimalist and sophisticated designs that seamlessly marry function and aesthetics, exemplified by this expertly crafted round coffee table.

    French Riviera by Jean-Charles Tomas | Photography by Jerome Galland

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