Enter a New Era of Engineered Stone

  • We discover the pioneering possibilities of ‘Ibrido’ by Smartstone, the next generation in engineered stone.

    Since Smartstone’s inception in 2002, the Sydney-based company have continued to push the boundaries of quartz and porcelain surfaces by exploring durable stone compositions inspired by nature. 

    Ibrido is the latest release by Smartstone. Translating to ‘hybrid’ in Italian, Smartstone have created a unique and exclusive print technology where lifelike images of the seven best-loved natural stones are transferred onto a recycled, low-silica engineered base. In this feature, we explore how Smartstone is paving the way for a more sustainable and safe future through its newest range, Ibrido.

    Produced in partnership with Smartstone

    The Smartstone Ibrido Tundra Grigio has a grey background with subtle brown veining.

    With Ibrido’s advanced technology comes the ability to book-match, pairing two stone surfaces together to mirror one another. The book-matched Smartstone Ibrido Statuario Grigio is pictured, creating a seamless and cohesive finish.

    Ibrido comprises seven engineered slabs that replicate Calacatta, Graphite, Livio, Tundra Grey, Statuario, Verde Onyx and Super White Dolomite. With Smartstone’s pioneering ‘natural body veining’ technology, the veins flow throughout the body of the slab, offering an authentic illusion when the slab is cut. These accurate veins and patterns are identical to those found in their natural counterparts.

    With this advanced technology comes the ability to book-match, pairing two stone surfaces together to mirror one another. Available on two surfaces – Calacatta Oro and Statuario Grigio – book-matching lends itself to a waterfall edge or generous-sized island benchtop. Accounting for further design possibilities, the entire Ibrido range can be manufactured in Smartstone’s ‘jumbo’ slab size of 3200mm x 1600mm.

    Ibrido’s hardwearing composition means the product is scratch, stain, etch, chip and heat resistant. At the same time, it has low moisture absorption and is resistant to acids and oils, including red wine and coffee. The non-porous nature of the material ensures it can be used safely in all food preparation areas and throughout the internal areas of the home.

    Smartstone Ibrido Super White stone complements white Miele appliances and cream-toned linear cabinetry.

    Smartstone Ibrido Super White recreates a distinctive Brazilian marble, featuring tones of grey with contrasting darker grey veining.

    Smartstone Ibrido Calacatta Oro reinterprets an iconic Italian marble with grey veins edged with distinctive gold highlights on a lustrous white background.

    Constructed from 56 per cent recycled material with less than 28 per cent silica content, Ibrido sets a benchmark for the responsible manufacturing of engineered surfaces. While most engineered stones contain between 80-95 per cent silica, Ibrido’s low silica content makes it the first engineered stone of its kind, endorsing Smartstone’s mission to protect fabricators and create a safer environment for stonemasons. 

    Smartstone has proactively contributed to driving action and awareness around the engineered stone fabrication industry. The company is a founding member of AESAG (Australian Engineered Stone Advisory Group), a group established to respond to the risk of silicosis for construction workers, provide preventative advice, and aim to eliminate the disease.

    Smartstone has raised the standard for engineered quartz by introducing the Ibrido range. Backed by certified accreditations from Greenguard, Greenguard Gold and NSF, Ibrido marks an exciting new chapter in quality engineered surfaces for Australian architects and designers.

    Distinguished by its subtle grey shadowy veins and flecks, Smartstone Ibrido Livio Bianco is the perfect accompaniment to crazy paving floors.

    Smartstone Ibrido Grafite Grigio echoes a dark, elegant marble in textural shades of grey characterised by linear, pale veining.

    Smartstone Ibrido Onyx Verde reinterprets an Iranian marble, featuring different tonalities of green and shades of white.

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