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  • Design studio Nexus Designs were contacted for the interior fit-out of a home in Albert Park, Melbourne while the EMArchitects’s architectural intervention was well underway. With a modern extension at the rear of the heritage home, Nexus Design’s approach to the interior was simple and unified, restricting the number of finishes to honour the home’s old status. 

    By focusing on a restrained colour palette, EMArchitects and Nexus Designs have designed a practical and modern family home that respects the building’s history.

    Painted white, internal brick walls are visible in extension of the house, celebrating the transition from old to new. The kitchen and dining space are highlighted with an expansive window and in-built window seat. Facing north onto the lush terrace courtyard, it was vital that the rear of the home maximised the influx of natural light.

    Although small, the home cleverly integrates storage solutions, with built-in cabinetry framing various spaces in the home. Set along the back wall, the minimalist kitchen efficiently saves space with its integrated appliances and unique layout. Upstairs, stained black floorboards are paired with crisp walls; their classic skirting boards and architraves a juxtaposing feature from the new floor below.

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    While the interior selection is clean and uncomplicated, it was crucial that the terrace still embodied a sense of warmth that is necessary for a family home. Achieved through the gentle layering of materials, the home focuses on embracing the pre-existing nature of the building. As with the entire home, the bathroom maintains a simplistic elegance with concealed cabinetry and unassuming fixtures.

    Nexus Designs and EMArchitects have acknowledged the architectural heritage and natural charm found within the home, demonstrating the understated beauty of less is more.

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