Maui Residence by Walker Warner Architects and Leverone Design

  • Maui Residence by Walker Warner Architects

    On the island where they first met, a couple embarks on a new chapter with the help of Californian-based firm Walker Warner Architects in collaboration with Leverone Design.

    Empty nesters commissioned Walker Warner Architects and Leverone Design to design their “ocean idyll” on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The couple shares a deep emotional connection to the island, the site of their first meeting and the beginning of their decades-spanning love story. At a staggering 7,000 square feet, the home is built for gathering and relishing in the unrivalled coastal topography of Hawaii.

    Maui Residence is defined by balance – openness is balanced with privacy; light is balanced with shadow. Walker Warner Architects have orientated the home to face the landscape, a luxury afforded by its sequestered locale. The home’s two-storey program is revealed on the southwest-facing side, with views into the open living spaces and bedrooms. Seascapes are maximised through these open spaces, while some areas are kept secluded to offer moments of solitude.

    The home’s architecture is underpinned by the interplay between light and shadow, realised through various material selections and screening elements. For example, the perforated metal canopy that leads to the home’s entrance renders the adjacent concrete wall a constellation of sunlight. “As you progress along the entry path to soothing sounds of the fountain and dappled light from the canopy, you step over the threshold to experience the big reveal of the panoramic view that unfurls in front of you,” principal architect Greg Warner says. Further, vertical wood louvres and slatted window screens filter sunlight into the interiors, while skylights and clerestories bring passing moments of contrast.

    Maui Residence by Walker Warner Architects

    Golden hour in the Maui kitchen, which is anchored by a colossal double-sided island bench.

    Maui Residence by Walker Warner Architects

    A pair of vintage Kaspar Hamachar coffee tables in the den. Also pictured: the Phantom Hands Kangaroo chair and Ay Illuminate Cap pendant light.

    Maui Residence by Walker Warner Architects

    The home’s architecture is also underpinned by a line-up of sustainable design strategies that respond to the challenges of the coastal site such as natural ventilation through operable windows, large roof overhang shading, stormwater management and reclaimed wood decking. It was the client’s wish to embed the home into the landscape; for it to slot quietly into the raw beauty of its surrounds.

    The interiors, Greg says, are designed to feel warm and refined. “The clients didn’t want anything to take away from the setting, so the house is not over-furnished”. In their years together, the couple has collected one-of-a-kind art and furniture pieces, like a pair of vintage Kaspar Hamacher coffee tables.  

    Walker Warner Architects have designed a home to be cherished by its owners for many years to come.

    Maui Residence by Walker Warner Architects
    Maui Residence by Walker Warner Architects
    Maui Residence by Walker Warner Architects

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