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EST MAGAZINE ISSUE 44 | Modern Craft

We’re launching this issue of est magazine off the back of Melbourne Design Week 2022, showcasing Australian and international contemporary artists, designers and makers responding to: “Design the World You Want”. Highlights included ‘Futures Collective’ which welcomed the ‘Plastic Rivers’ rugs by Spanish designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocon in collaboration with GAN and the inaugural Melbourne Design Fair, curating collectables such as the all-metal Firescale series by designer Ella Saddington with armourer Sam Bloomfield and Olive Gill-Hille’s sculptural ‘TRUNK’ series.

These expressive works reaffirmed what we set out to explore in this issue, ‘Modern Craft’. We magnify the design details that underpin our experience in the kitchen by tracing craftsmanship, original design thinking and a dedication to raw, honest and reclaimed materials.

We walk through 12 kitchens from different corners of the globe to see how designers confront our understanding of this space, and at the same time, we deconstruct the defining elements of a kitchen into a definitive resource; ‘The est best: 50 Kitchen Fixtures, Lighting, Products and Materials’. Through our Detail pages, we appreciate how even the smallest details can leave a lasting impression in the kitchen.

We enter an Ibizan villa where Dutch designers Framework Studio employ traditional building methods to impart deep respect for landscape and history. These same principles take us to a family home in Paris that adheres to the classical codes of its architecture through bespoke intervention. A dedication to refined detailing also transcends a Sydney home by architect Madeleine Blanchfield to conjure ‘palpable’ calm and character.

This intuitive, human-centred approach to design continues to inspire us – and finds its way onto every page in this issue.

– Sophie Lewis, managing editor

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