Insider’s Guide to Potted Urban Gardens

We explore how artisanal garden containers from Garden Life elevate an urban outdoor setting into a lush retreat. Prioritising natural materiality and organic silhouettes, these containers blend harmoniously into their surrounding landscapes. 

In partnership with Garden Life.

Fostering a grounding connection with nature and wellbeing is intrinsic to the ethos behind the Sydney-based Garden Life team. Their vast collection of pots and garden planters is complemented by their expert, in-house design and styling services. For more than twenty years they’ve been bringing communities closer to the power of plants and helping people to realise the transformational joy that beautiful gardens inspire. 

Produced in partnership with Garden Life 

Highlighting artisanal craftsmanship and a raw material palette, Garden Life’s pots exemplify their dedication to biophilic design principles. By crafting garden pots that complement nature through the use of organic materials such as stone, concrete, and terracotta in earthy hues, tactile textures, and organic shapes, each container seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, fostering a sense of tranquility amidst the urban environment.

Each handcrafted pot is unique, becoming a focal point against the urban backdrop, adding depth and dimension. Softening the streamlined landscape design typical of urban outdoor settings, these artisanal pot plants thoughtfully introduce pockets of lush greenery that have the power to transform any urban garden into an outdoor sanctuary.

Garden Life Terracotta Chimney

The soft tones of the ceramic Garden Life Terracotta Chimney garden pots complement the natural surroundings. 

Garden Life Terracotta Perfetto

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